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Would you like to have John McClellan or Kevin Bounds Work with you personally called 512648 24 19 make the best investment for your future and take advantage of the best mortgage rates now called 512658 24 19 or go to John McClellan dot com. Start this. You heard that safe? Drivers get rewarded with snapshot from progressive, So you went online to check it out. But then you saw an ad for a vintage baseball cap. And now you find yourself checking the status of that team second baseman and 97 wondering why his stolen base total dropped after his rookie season one of how much his rookie card is worth. Yes, they said it was easy to save money with snapshot from progressive what they forgot about the rest of the Internet, Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates snapshot not available in California, North Carolina or from Allegiance. ABC tonight. It's the premiere of American Idol, and everyone's so excited to be back together again. I don't want the thing that meet me one of Theisinger one, Corona. No. Who this is the first time I'm just someone singing made me cry, Will you These kids bring to us so much hope Discover Next. It's like you're an angel. American Idol premieres tonight. 87 Central on ABC. In the next few minutes, you'll be getting some great information from the host of the real estate's own. John McClellan, Kevin Bound and Sean Bukowski, all experts on how to make the most of your real estate. Welcome back to show. This is the real.

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