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I've been working stories twenty twenty five years a film about twenty thereabouts and um uh most stories certainly most stories i tell but actually most stores across the board are repetitions in many respects of other stories that have been told and we tell them again and again and again in a way that the longer i'm in this gig the more i realize is sort of ritualistic it's it's got funny elements in a bit like reassurance and catharsis and people want the same story again again it's i mean that that's the reason before we were writing down stories we restored italian the story over and over again without hollywood it or not you as the nature of myth theory and uh and this story sat outside those rituals hum it didn't have a kind of clear lineage that i could look at an just for me as a writer particularly writer that tends to work with an existing genres let's say i found that a very seductive if you're just tuning in listening to queue and cbc radio one or a public radio international speak with alex garland the filmmaker why should as a writer whose new movie annihilation is uh i would say biggest in sort of bold statement yet because your last film ex mac and it did very well i mean i i i went to see it a really a door did but it also did very well critics in the box office and it was an independent production at the time you said working that way outside the major film studios was the only way to have creative freedom now when i look at annihilation i see it as a major studio movie where were you right did you have to compromise note.

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