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Thanks for coming in welcome. Thanks for having me by no worries you just played on Friday at the Special Olympics. Yesterday was the motion ball gala. Here in Toronto is that very cool. All was awesome. I never actually. This is the first time I've ever done anything with organization and A. It's it's fun to go out and have a crowd like that who just loves the music. Everyone was dancing. It was a good time and it was a nice evening. You know hearing everyone's speak and all that learning more about what motion ball's actually about so. It was a fun night. That is awesome. That's awesome. Yeah listen I have that? You're a young kid I have to ask you. Maybe because I'm naive about what what young kids are into these days. But how did you? Your sound is cutting its country. Music is what you play. How did you get into that? Well I people ask question all the time in my answers. Usually I feel comes from my mom. My Mom's from Alberta so growing up she you know she came here when she was twenty years old or something but you know her whole life. She's listening to country music and she kinda pass that on to me so every time I got in the car in the morning going to school stuff like that it was tim. Mcgraw Garth Brooks that kind of thing. So that's where I kind of got my first taste for it and I just fell in love with him. So did you grow up in Toronto as well like? I live in the same house since I was born. His sermons still there. That is also listen. I I feel very uncomfortable when you call me Sir. I keep a look over my shoulder. Whether you're talking to Greg Greg is a sir. Wow or if you're talking to my dad who might be summer summer behind me so country music were you. Did your mom play as well No Debbie badly okay. Yes so her. Dad and her sister are both singer so I kind of have family get togethers stuff when we go out west. That is you those to be sitting on the floor playing guitar and singing. I just sit there and watch and then finally old enough to play. I played as much as I could and I play with them any chance gotten. That's Kinda how I got into it. Okay how old were you when you plead your first guitar. Well I was about six when I found my dad's guitar because my I guess my dad does play. He doesn't really play three or four courts he pretends to buy. That's all you need right for your for Corey or four chords. You write a song there you go. Yeah but I. He showed me those few courts. So that's kind of when I I actually learned my first because the first few Coursey Tommy were helpless by Neil Young and those were the only ones you just you just over Chris interviews over. You're happy you're good plus find Neil Young. Yeah there you go. That's Kinda got into and they finally on my first guitar. When is about eight played that as much as I could in then when I was like a Legit Guitar? Was it one of those ones. It was it was a Yamaha guitar so I was like this is this is legit enough but it was still small eight years old sure. Yeah I mean fit me just fine. I couldn't really play. The guitar is a little too hard but So I played with that for like five years. Maybe and then finally got a real guitar. Were you just playing song? We just learning songs. Just playing some of your favorites. What what were you doing for those few few years when you so my my neighbor had this guitar teacher and I wanted to start taking guitar lessons so badly and so my parents went next door. And they said you know. Would you teach my son? He'd seen me outside in the front yard playing ball hockey with the boys or whatever and he was like teaching our kids too small so we we asked him. If you'd waited a few months. We asked him again. My parents were like and I've been teaching myself a few things here and there and my dad showed me what he knew and then finally the guitar teacher agreed to come over and take a look at me and I played him kind of what I knew and all he said was. Don't let your dad teach you. Anything else quit teaching yourself. Yeah we'll come and teach you so I started taking us about eight almost nine and he's still one of my best friends today. I don't really take lessons anymore. But he's he's sixty eight or something his name Nick. Nick polycarp shout out to nick. Nick my guy. Love that man He taught me everything I know. I'M GONNA turn ever since then. I've just been picking away Nice. When did you never dawn on you that Catholic? This is what I'm GONNA do. This is my job. Sort of like at what point? Maybe haven't hit that. I don't know like what point did you go okay. I'm a musician. I sat down and thought of it like that. It's pretty much ever since I started playing guitar. That's just what I did when I was thirteen. I played my first show at like a restaurant. We Oh yeah yeah. My family's got a cottage up in Muskoka area and all the restaurants around there died. Do My best to play so we knew the people who own one of them kind of well just from going there pretty much every day and we said you know what would you think of me playing for a couple of hours or whatever and they stuck me by the door. Nobody was really listening or anything but it was a good experience and ever since then. I'd just jot as many gigs. I possibly couldn't. I kinda just fell into it. And then at one of those gigs up there my record label happen to see me and I started working with them and here I am. Did you ever? Did you ever think back then like someday? I'm GONNA play boots and hearts and like like that's pretty spectacular that boots and hearts but just specifically bizarre but I mean like I've made it when you're playing dot kind of know exactly I've always. I've always dreamed of playing in front of people that aren't just sitting having dinner. And that's all I ever did until I was like fifteen sixteen until I finally started getting shows where they're actually few people out there to come see me and watch you and that's that's the best feeling in the world. So was there ever stagefright like did you? Were you your personality outgoing? No every time. I'm still scared to get up there I have. I have no problem getting up there and singing but I actually. I hate like talking in front of people so when it comes to you know even introducing a song not stuff actually makes me nervous but the playing. I'm fine with and that's one of the ever since I was started. Even you know when I was thirteen playing my first show. I was scared to death due to deal with that kind of just you know. Every now and then he'll grow up or something before the show like before boots and hearts. That's what I did. I don't WanNa see. It makes you feel better when you do that. Yeah but you just kind of deal with it you just get up and get out her and after you sing the first song once you hear a few people clap. Then you're thinking okay. They're actually into it. So this is fun and every time it's funny because I always always found whether back when I was a musician playing live but even now when I get up in front of a crowd to speak on my got him totally nervous Yashar. I'm getting I'm getting and just what I would find myself doing is just trying to bundle that up and then get onstage go blah yeah just throw it out right. Yeah and that's I find when I get on stage I just. You're so nervous when you get up there and once you're up there. I don't know how to explain it but I'm not really thinking about what I'm doing I'm just doing it. And it's just you kind of just go with the flow and it feels good so you play this one. Gig IN MUSKOKA and your future record label. Yeah did you like. Did you know that eight there? Some people coming to watch you know. I had no idea this so tell me. Tell me about that day that experience that that set so I was sitting there. It was it was a kind of a hotel it was. I was playing in the lobby. Yeah I played there every now and then I'd go and sit down for three or four hours or whatever and just play pro catering song I know and it's the Marriott the Marriott up there on yeah yeah so that's where I was playing and he was staying there with his girlfriend and his daughter and just came up to him. As I told me who I was. You know. My name's Jamie appleby from wax records Love to have a chat so I kind of gave them my email and all that and you got in touch and I worked with them for about three months or so and then I signed and it was men without when he came up to me that day. That was like the most exciting thing because if it was unbelievable right like what am I doing here? Playing the show had no idea. Somebody would come in your own record label you know. I'm sure it's validation for you to write for the work bird and especially it shows like that when you're not sure if people are really listening when someone like dot comes up and says you know. I was listening then. Yeah that's almost like you know you're going to hotel there like there's a guy at the piano just playing. That's exactly what it was like. Yeah that's really really cool. When were you writing your own original music? At that time as well. I was trying to write my own music point. It wasn't that good and then I started working with them and they would kinda give me people to write within. That's in the last. You know three years. I've gotten much much better writing songs and now it's you know. I'm writing songs pretty much every day at this point and so what does that process. I've always been curious about. The writing process is. Are you writing lyrics almost like poetry and then the music layers on top or does music come I like what is your approach for me? I'd say it's probably different for most people but for me. I'll always start with playing guitar. I you know I. I didn't sing at the same time I started playing guitar. Play Guitar for about five years before I started singing. Okay so what I'll do is all and I've always loved you know coming up with chord progression stuff like that. So that's what I'll start with and then I'll get a melody my head and kind of home along and then trying to then just put words to it. Depending on what I'm thinking about are feeling at that time or maybe had come up with an idea. I change every now and then but I'll come up with an idea and always right. Maybe I'm driving somewhere stopped at a red light or something. I'll either record something on my phone. If I have an idea my head are write down ideas in my notes and then I'll go back to those if I may. I came up with a melody but I don't really know what I want to write about. Yeah go back into my phone and take one of those ideas and write a song about Cecil as some. I mean you know you could start one of these ideas and get a couple of words down and then you're you're stuck at isn't that happens in your guy that's not happening today. But the thirty seconds. That's about it so when you you side with racks records. You're still with them today. You Sir are you like so when you started working with them and then they signed you. What was that that gap was to figure out whether you had chops whether you can write your own material or whether we just singing the hits. It was just to see how I felt about the whole situation. They were like you know. We don't WanNa push you into anything here. We want you to get comfortable working with other artists and stuff because at that point I mean fifteen. Sixteen I'd never worked with real artists before I only played guitar and sang by myself so it was for me to get comfortable doing stuff you know with other people learning how to write kind of little three months.

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