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Champagne behaves differently in different classes but i would say don't be afraid to experiment if you've got some pretty glass as some fancy glasses don't be afraid to bring them out and use them agency hey conceiving of him mr vein arc i recently visited a chef abraham garcia in madrid in discovered that he had a way with words he opined that the problem with horses that they prefer to eat barley than drink whisky he pointed out that butter is like the moon in oil like the sonnen hey who doesn't love the sun but my favorite gothia quote was about his last meal he responded one should venture into the unknown on an empty stomach that's it for this week if he just tuned into mr chauffeur not you can listen to our podcast on apple podcast radio public or wherever you get your podcasts remember to please subscribe to the show you automatically get every single show download it to your phone each if you wanna learn more about milk street had one seven seven most rita com there you can download each weeks recipe subscribed to a magazine watch our first seasonable of television or ordered the milk street cookbook we'll be back next week happy new year's and thanks for listening christopher kimble's milk street radio is produced by milk street in association with wg bh executive producers melissa baldia now and stephanie sender producer amy padilla associate producer carly helm attacked senior audio engineer douglas sugar its senior audio editor melissa allison with help from vicky merrick in sydney lewis audio mixing by j allison at atlantic public media production help debbie paddock r c music is by two bub crew additional music by george brandel christopher kimble's milk street radio is distributed by p r.

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