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KOMO Seattle KOMO FM Oakville. Twenty minutes of nonstop news starts now. Coming up on KOMO news. A giant cephalopod loose into coma. I'm Brian Calvert. With the local legend that helped Inc. Some new art. And the KOMO top five at five top stories are reporters have been covering through the day. Now like the ABC. From ABC news. I'm Michelle Franzen, Catholic leaders in Texas or publicly identifying priests accused of sexually abusing children two hundred eighty six Catholic priests and church personnel where identified by church leaders in Texas is having been credibly accused of sexually abusing children the archdiocese of San Antonio had the states longest list with fifty six people accused these report identifies all known allegations of clergy sexual abuse of minors in the archdiocese since nineteen forty it's archbishop Gustavo Garcia Sierra. But critics say San Antonio method is not shared by other diocese. And that there is no uniform definition of credible accusations. Brian Clark ABC news police have arrested a relative in connection with the disappearance of fourteen year old savannah Pruitt in Tennessee, she vanished from her home more than two weeks ago. The president plans to send another thirty five hundred troops to the US Mexico border next month more than the Pentagon told Khan. Congress that it would deploy Armed Services Committee chair Adam Smith angry after hearing the thirty five hundred more US troops are heading to the US Mexican border. He said the Pentagon testified it would be more than a thousand fewer the president says he needs more US soldiers at the border to stop what he calls an invasion of illegals arriving through large. Caravans? He insists a wall would make it easier and less expensive to stop them. Andy Field ABC news, Washington. Sources tell ABC news that investigators on the Senate intelligence committee have learned the identities of three blocked phone calls with Donald Trump junior just before. And after the now infamous Trump Tower meeting in two thousand sixteen sources say the calls were between Trump junior cell phone and two family friends, Nasr car CEO, Brian France and real estate developer Howard Lorber. The US strongly rejecting offers for Mexico Uruguay in the Vatican to mediate dialogue between Venezuela. You're listening to ABC news..

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