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We we touched on him earlier. If Charlie Blackmon didn't sign an extension and was a free agent right now. Would he get as much money as he did last off season? And if you need a refresher for how much money puttered six mil thing, it was it was her six. Yeah. That was more than that one twenty six hundred six right? Yep. Yep. So would he would he get six and one zero six six one eight I'm sorry. Six one eight. Coming off the season that he did no off of twenty eighteen or twenty seven. No that's coming off of this season. If he had not signed the extension was an actual free agent now because they signed him before he was a free agent. If he had made it to free agency, his opium dropped one hundred forty points from seventeen to eighteen and now you're also signing him through his age thirty seven season, which seems to not be the trend that that teams are going now like I feel like they're. No, the answer is. No, I don't think he doesn't get the same deal. Yeah. The answer is no walk right down. Punchout rate up a significant drop in power. No. I'm not saying again war is not the end all be all. But one of my most fascinating single war stats from last year. Was Charlie Blackmon hit to ninety one with an eight sixty s and was worth point eight war. She's how's that possible defense and the chorus field factor? I mean, an eight sixty s in chorus field is. Is not the same. It's just not his slugging dropped a hundred points. That's tough. Yeah. That's not what you want. All right. So the answer that was from at Kyle Dombak the answer is unequivocally. No across the board. How much this is from the alley cat fifteen. Out. Rick sutcliffe. How much does a turnover of coaches for Dallas how much does it Turner a turnover of coaches effect clubhouse? The crew has a lot of new faces for the upcoming season. Big time we're talking about what information is being valued. How that information is being communicated does communication even exist. And if so on what level, and what sort of relationships are these individuals able to form are they managing up and down or they upheld. Meaning I come to you and bitch to you about the lineup and the way it looks in the skipper. And then by the end of the day, I'm in the skippers office because you've told him in a roundabout way that I'm the asshole grumbling, and I could be that has a massive massive deal. I myself went from clubhouse in a matter of a day that had a manager looming over it controlling the volume and the content of the stereo to a guy. Darren. To a guy who. Guy who would come in and play cards with you. And then you wouldn't see him because he understands that's your clubhouse. My office is in here in the doors open. If you want to hang out, but that's your clubhouse. And he would also let, you know a couple days in advance you probably going to have a day off here, you're going to be in the lineup here, whatever. So the staff from top to bottom are these guys willing to go out and spend extra time with you early work in the cage. Who are they they are a reflection of the front offices need and desire to be successful. That's how important turnover in the clubhouses. Craig this is from at Andrew Larkin underscore cr- gives us a Jared Craig frequent kimbrel. Where's he going to go? Come on. Now creek gotta give creek. I have two teams that I'm kind of looking at right now the first being the Red Sox. I think that there is a chance that with the Red Sox kind of waiting out the the reliever market. There's a chance that Kimball could just fall right back into their lap. Because qualifying offer teams don't wanna forfeit a draft pick for a closer. That's asking for six years in a hundred million. I could see him coming back on a four year deal. The other team that sort of comes to mind is the Phillies because the Phillies have not stupidly, but I would say unwisely have sort of promised their fans at they're just going to spend a bunch of money this off season..

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