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In the nhl games going on right now after two winnipeg leading dallas three to two stars billy ben bishop left in the first period with a lower body injury patrick lonnie scored his forty second and forty third goals of the season so we know as a fifteen game point streak in the first period anaheim with a one nothing lead on new jersey earlier the blackhawks next opponent colorado defeats detroit five to one that's four wins in the last five games for the latch mckinnon with thirty seventh and thirty eighth on the year vegas and marc andre fleury glenn calgary four to nothing philadelphia over washington six to three tampa bay three one win over edmonton it was carolina four the islanders three nc double a tournament action the giant killer if you will maryland baltimore county in action at second game facing kansas state early in the second half they're trailing thirty two to thirty one maryland terriers the mighty terriers are trailing thirty to thirty one earlier today number two producer by over butler seventy six seventy three but eleven seeded syracuse upsets a third seed michigan state fifty five fifty three and the defending national champion north carolina goes down eighty six sixty five seven seed texas am nevada game against cincinnati the loyal oil is next opponent will be nevada as they rallied to beat the bearcats seventy five seventy three clemson and auburn are underway shortly it'll be marshall in west virginia same with florida state and xavier on the women's side to paul got knocked off the second round of the women's ncwa by texas eighty to seventy nine cactus league baseball white sox get blown out by oakland fourteen nothing cubs lost both ends of their split squad games eleven nine to the royals and then eleven four to the indians the bulls next back in action tomorrow night at the garden facing the new york knicks now for check the news headlines to the wgn newsroom here's roger badesch and thank you very much the white house says president trump isn't thinking about or talking about firing special counsel robert muller that's from white house lawyer tycom after a series of trump tweets lead members of congress and others to speculate that the president may be considering orchestrating molars firing security is being increased at the lakefront millennium park the summer starting may nineteenth there will be a security perimeter bag check for all concerts and events at the.

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