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It feels like a good team the starting to believe in the selves they haven't had that all your lots the important thing that is what matters are bamboo brad or theme famous role players i give you three clues and you tell me the role player i am talking about if you if you get it you're in our mix to win tickets to chew it's all right jack you tell you show people do this number one eagles number two He was the team's leading rusher in Super Bowl fifty two. and number three his most famous moment here is an eagle least during the regular season was dragging half the chargers down the field in week four that would be that garrett blunt you know i forgot day you know i forgot until the boxer day look had ninety yards rushing and a touchdown in the super bowl well there's that and there's also nelson adler being their leading receiver nine or ten catches they don't win the super without blunt without gary blunt corey climate like it was crazy and thank god they have anderson deo here who legare blunt and his career of years ago and the title game yeah do you remember that i remember legare punches completely truck that guy and like anderson deos literally never recovered and now he's feeling the corey graham role i don't think he's made a place since then then eagles like come on in meaning another old guys are third safety seriously like we do any better thursday choreographed edges and day oh then they bring that guy back couple of weeks ago there was with the rams maybe he stakes that job counterplay count us he's got they got to get out of here that guy got truck but yeah his career three is two years ago blunt plummeted that one applause reminded me of brandon jacobs from the giants like they're just big gigantic running backs run you're right over the blunt blunt is right jack is not allowed to be in the mix for tickets but you can be jack is not allowed to win it's just it's the rules here he's dying over there because he wanted to give them kitchen wagner chance that was going to but i think i think our rule as we just stick to basketball when derek is on and he appreciates me stick i think so too oh i think we all do because we don't want to hear derek reaction and not sick to for you guys three question thursday eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four pound nine four nine four that's eight hopping i'm not ready to say the phillies there's something magical going on your great series great win great comebacks jack fix something match what's going on with bamboo and all this stuff i need to see some more here i don't think jimmy butler thing amac's is a good idea if the rockets want to be the dumpty the makes a mistake the sixers should be happy to oblige when we get back couple of things number one i got a couple of stories from my trip and my week moving i moved from new jersey to pennsylvania this weekend this week and then moving is an absolute eventually a couple of stories fee on that end we have to play for you the reaction coming out of new york immediately as the phillies won that game play a couple of minutes or close to that of mike francesa the afternoon hose up at w._f._a._n. in new york his live on air reaction because the fan of new york does not have the mets they have the yankees so he's on the air do in his afternoon show as the phillies come back and beat edwin d as in the ninth inning with my calcium run and it's a home run the reaction we had jubilation up here and it was a complete and total meltdown up air here that coming up on his side eight seven to nine nine four nine four on sports radio ninety four w._i._p. sports radio ninety four twenty twenty sports i'm to schilling the phillies pulled off the four-game sweep over the mets this afternoon at citizens bank park the as kicked here's the pitch swung on line deep till f._a._o. mcneil pack For. Three shot. It's a sweep for the bills. That's. The first career walk off Homer for teams. a celebration at play is the phillies have walked up the mets for the second day in a row scott frisky the call right here on ninety four w._i._p. and phillies manager gabe kappler said after losing it seven straighten than coming up with this four-game sweep the team has their swagger back right now i think the group is confident i think they are light they're playing they're playing easy there's some swagger in that room right now and we talked about bringing back before the series and playing with a little bit of a smile on our face and it seems like that's what's.

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