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Well mostly with my family chilling. I was also on On some sort of break from work. So i decided to spend it with music not flicks and the scent and scented candles letter. How about you. Oh well sounds interesting. My break was pretty exciting to because i got engaged. So that's a big news in my life relations. Yes thank you. And of course. I spent a lot of time with my family with my fiance. We came back to poland. We were in serbia for a long time for about five months. I think so. Now we're back to poland. And i'm very excited about the vaccines in finally getting out of this hell that this pandemic has been but it's been good lately so today we have a really interesting act- that you chose for us and i really like your choice. I think it's a bandit there's a lot to talk about so tell me who are we talking about today yet. We're talking about weezer. A famous rock bands. The reason why. I chose them. Because i know the name you know it's been circulating around social media lots but i never got into them. I never actually picked up one of their records and and listen to it. So i just thought that this would be a perfect perfect to dig up there their work so to say so share a few words about weezer they were founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety two in los angeles california. The lineup consists Currently off petric wilson. Brian bell rivers cuomo and Scotch schreiner This is not really their standard lineup..

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