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PM and wcbMcom. Good morning. Frank liberal, the WCM? Marilyn news news coming up on five. Thirty one Maryland is one of nine states along with DC agreeing to work to curb transportation emissions claiming transportation emissions account for the largest portion of the region's carbon pollution offered. Kelly school superintendent proposes cutting one hundred and seventy nine teaching and administrative positions. The close a thirty five. Million dollars spending gap. It's hoped. Many of those affected could be reassigned to take the place of those resigning and retiring from the school system, the court case against former Trump national security adviser, Michael Flynn is not over yet. Flynn had been expected to be sentenced yesterday in federal court for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians and said US district. Judge Emmet Sullivan gave the retired general a tongue lashing for his conduct and raise the prospect that he could spend time in prison Flynn's lawyers decided to request a sentencing postponement to allow to cooperate even more with government cases, part of the federal government will shut down on Saturday. If a spending Bill is not passed. Fox's Chad pergram says this is not the first time this year, there has been a threat of a government shutdown. There was a lot of drama earlier this year when President Trump and his administration. Orchestrated and negotiated a big omnibus spending Bill, and then when they send it to the White House, the president for a few hours threatened to veto it which caught everybody on Capitol Hill off guard, and frankly made people quite mad President Trump has threatened to shut down the government again, if he does not get funding for his border wall. I'll.

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