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Is these reinvent himself. He still goes out there and tries to do the things that he can't any longer do. There's no more showtime kicking anthony. Pettis you probably fall the cage now and that's no disrespect to pet is. It's saying that you're getting older. You have to figure out what you can and can't do now and that's why say needs to go home. Is it over. i don't know but mentally. He has understand that my body is not going to cooperate like a used to. I need to reinvent myself and he has not done that yet. So we need to take some time off to figure it out. Otherwise he's gonna end up like roy jones and just a huge losing streak and then people as washed up even though you just explained. He's supposed to murderers row of fighters and at one time was on the wheaties box. The only unified on wheaties box still many other combat sports athletes on like marvin hagler wheaties box or anything. I don't know. But i'm just definitely only ama fighter who's been one. Yeah he's not would imagine. Yeah i was gonna say i'm gonna leads probably mohammed. He's been on a few times. I think they even came out with one when he passed away compared him commemorative one. He's been on it a few times I'm sure there's been olympians in the past. But i can't think of any off the top of my head. I like the roy. Jones comparison anthony pettis also started a like his own business like his own agency. So maybe he's being pulled in a thousand different directions when he's not fighting declares the shields was she ever on the wheaties. Box just googled it. And there's a photo of it. But i don't know if it's real or not i don't recall. She should have been two time. Olympic gold medalist. Legs you really should have. Yeah it's a fan made one. I think someone complained about her. Not being on it and then made their own back to this question. I would love andy pettitte tour and into that and welterweight division. that's just exciting fights. That's all that's just man is versus. Well start by giving pedestal. Murderers rose like oh pettus versus douglas. Lima let's do that. She's not one either daily they hell. Yeah wanna see that. These are fights. Just i wanna see. Just i don't i don't fault him for going to pf l. You wanna see him ability as a fan. You looked at atlanta wealth ways. You like shit. He can fight there. And i'd love to watch every single one of those fights he could headline whatever. Now it's like you know you lose collared. It was like all right what that would. Hey i'm sensing the mcclay. Kara disrespect here. Once upon a time that would have been preposterous to think they klay collar could beat. Anthony is now. It's like every peasants come down to earth. So it's like part time boxer. Amazing run in the bubble. I really think kind of factor. No one's really talking about 'cause you don't really it's hard to. It's hard to kind of talk. Sorry but the the bubble pf l. got really strict bubble. And i've heard that complaint. I mean it just how it is but like like you see essentially has no bubble you know so fighters kinda come and go and the have been dropping out especially in the past with a ufc but has been very strict. It's like two or three week bubble. Hurry just sucks. So i heard pet is kind of like another fighter saying it really just mentally drained them and just made it very difficult defy and they didn't bite their best but the all went on. They all had to go to the same circumstances. It wasn't the unfair advantage over someone else. But it'll be interesting saying pets kinda back in this kind of non pandemic version of pet pet is where you can just kind of train. Regular of his coaches kinda. Maybe just be more mentally there and yeah but the thing just didn't work out for dance your guys questions. Mohammed ali has been on the wheaties box twice in ninety nine and two thousand twelve. Max baer was on it. Who jack dempsey. Ken norton boxer those boxers. Yeah yeah they're all boxes that's what they're all box bags. Bear fought like the forties. Like us obvious. Obviously it's b it's b. e. r. And then obviously jack dempsey and kenyon you guys go. Oh so colds. Even the stone cold. Steve austin's also been on the ways. Box is the only professional wrestler ago tristan. Just ignore dead. Jeremy stevens explanation to you by jeremy steven justification. Why pushkar close during the fire. Face off. In april for uc vegas twenty four. In view of them. A junkie stevensville truecar got too close for comfort which he did not like saying that he came up to his came up. He came up with his hands behind his back putting himself nose-to-nose him which he felt broke conduct. I according to stevens. He felt that he didn't cause concussion. Where this art push that day. I felt that close wasn't ready Citing other interviews where close was switching in dealing with injuries. Stevens felt like it was a was. Bs in just a bunch of excuses so casing. I talked about this when it first happened but andres just quick thoughts on the jeremy stevens truecar close situation and these fair downs. These guys getting close each other and using as an excuse to push somebody but it does get kind of a out of control and i can understand the invasion of personal space but yet to do something about it then right. I don't know if this was your car. Close looking for a bailout at it but it sounds like it right. you know. It was a lot of things going on his camp in my buying. Steve is excuse for pushing him. Yeah actually i am. I understand why he did it. How many people get pushed these wayne's anyway lattes right whose father that was. Apparently it's sean shelve is dana. Blame sean shelby. And how many. How many shows are there. Been when data whites there. Lots right more than sean shelby's like wants to show. How many how many cars have there been. I'm gonna say like once a show. You know sean. Shelby is a what one hundred thirty pounds and dana white's like that. It's it's stupid. But i understand what jeremy stevens is saying about personal space like somebody gets face like that. I'm pushing now. I get it. I don't agree with it. I think you should conduct yourself better. I think you shouldn't push fighters especially the day before fight. I don't think he should but his his explanation. You know what. I have to think about this. Where do they call these. What is what does this. It's gonna face off. It's kind of face off. Doing what is what is jeremy. Stevens nickname will. They go live until he came out to real motherfucking. Jeez he's a gang. I have. I have to look at the history. Jeremy stevens face offs is see. How close it is. It is always like that. I remember when a hand barau got off the scale and he was literally adjusting his pants like tying his like sweat and looking and he was looking down and he he didn't even see germs. Germs even shoved him away because hammer. Our wasn't paying attention at german. And even having browser the hell was that economy is always gets aggressive was always recant mustang. Because now remember these things okay. Yes they hadn't barral thing. Yes but i still is not justified. Not i mean you just can't you can't just like that like you. Shut the hell out of there. Yeah yeah he did elbow shove right here in the shoulders when you're flat-footed and your hands are busy behind your back. That's kind of f you up especially a freshly dehydrated drug cartels. This isn't like hours later when they're rehydrated and like they're ready and they're kind of position then you get a shot but it was just like you know and and do clark close may not be. Everyone's favourite fighter. But he's still a tough m. Effor silly he was like boiling top fifteen lightweight and all of a sudden people like he's a web they know like he's humanity fancy because he also went to the pi and got tested and he was messed up. That's that's crazy. They still can't fight because it was like a whiplash. It was a whiplash effect whiplash and basically concussion. Who's paying for that. That's the bit again like we talked about this at ton when it happened so it was like the story of the week. If you come to my house and you slip and fall right and you crack your head. Open you sue my insurance right then. My.

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