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At least we got in is fantastic maybe he's on sunday anyway something else what's happening on this radio station at six thirty is judea hardly burned she said have we know high and we haven't been fired bobby i think they just having that is just to avoid the beatings at the buses here's the best way this can't get university balloon because as though hitler as understand for twenty years that's true seventh floor of broadcasting house was way you didn't want to be involved when i was a political correctness except they surprise me when the when they pulled that one and it will restaurant anyway what's going on russia since james vaxxers career well we all who's going to be talking about that well boris bridge bridging bridge face whatever it be called lease at school at that will be talking about what deal week we are actually do with macron and hoping to get on the eu we also going to tokyo latest this from this american family the house of horrors extraordinary new details have emerged about the existence of these children said it wasn't a lot it wasn't existence who say why the uk's nick of the worst flu since 2011 apart things dcp looking up in the nhs and the school is banned people's from dressing up as pop or athletes on the basis that you probably not going to be a popstar olympia in and you need a plan b i'm with them all the way than it took to supporting style though who is very upset about one thing that should be matched weather another like the killers matt in state coming into the student very shortly hard labour over his next you very much for that henry if people want to fully on twitter and find out what you up to where did they go henry dimbleby andrew nibley perfect thank you very much for.

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