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Of the car. Take your seatbelt off and get out of the car. You made this way more difficult than it had to be. Army lieutenant caron nazario filed a civil rights lawsuit against two Windsor Virginia police officers in this 2020 traffic stop. He says he was assaulted and falsely imprisoned and that its vehicle was illegally searched. When nazario said he was afraid to get out the officer said he should be. A special prosecutor ruled the officer should not be criminally charged, but should be investigated for potential civil rights violations. That trial begins today in Richmond. Neil lord can stain double TLP news. 1205. A special election is coming in Northern Virginia tomorrow, voters and a portion of fairfax county will be deciding who replaces marquin. The longtime state delegate, who resigned to join the Biden administration. Democrat Holly siebold is facing off against Republican Monique baruti, Kim represented parts of Tyson's Vienna, Dunn loring and oakton. Early voting has been underway for a week tomorrow, is election day. The husband has been arrested in the case of the missing mother of three who worked in D.C. real estate and vanished on New Year's Day. 46 year old Brian Walsh of cohasset, Massachusetts, is scheduled to be arraigned on a charge of misleading a police investigation. His 39 year old wife Anna Walsh was last seen early January 1st when she said she was going to take a ride share to Logan airport in Boston for a flight to Washington. But police say there are no signs she took a flight that day and they can not confirm she took a ride share. Besides the arrest in Massachusetts, police investigators were in Washington this weekend. Stick around up ahead on WTO will chat with CBS business analyst Jill schlesinger about the economy in the new year. What do we think left over from last year that will carry over into this year? And what should we know about our investments? Jill will have some advice for us straight ahead. 1206. Every small business owner knows business can happen anytime anywhere. The office

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