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You're listening to this broadcast right now. Gratitude should be are because we've come flu very trying time and we turn that gratitude back. God god doesn't meter are. He wanted to physical money. He does it through us and to a channel of people who are no fault of their own saturday. Doing a seven point two magnitude earthquake. That's poll jacobs of food for the poor. Who was talking to us. Thank you for everybody. Who stepped up to the plate to help the benighted nation of haiti where people are starving children as well suffered a seven point two rick to earthquake the assassination of their president plaza tropical storm hundred and eleven dollars donate food for the poor feats three children for half a year. Be that person. Be that modern missionary support. This christian organization gotta go dot com and click on the gift food. Abana donate whatever you can. You will be saving lives if you prefer. You can call food for the poor on eight five five three three zero four six seven three. That's eight five. Three three zero four six seven. Three seven golca dot com and the gifford banner katie. Let's pull out of the environment in kabul of ghanistan. Let's look at the broader ramifications. Not just with regards to china and pakistan and india but to our allies. You have a better institutional memory than i do. I only move to america. Thirteen years ago became an american citizen eight years ago. Has there ever been. Correct me if i'm wrong. I don't think there's ever been a moment. Where a chairman of the british parliament's foreign affairs committee has cold the incumbent president of the united states in contempt and used very very tough language about a president questioning the dignity and the sacrifice of america's allies and partners. Has that ever happened before. Is it happened. Just a few days ago with lieutenant. Colonel tom toobin hot and president biden. Now and that's a really serious. I think really serious tension inflection point. Yeah the united states has led the world since the industrial revolution. And for over one hundred years we won world war one for the allies barrier pinellas. We won world war two. We were the necessary and essential nation to establish the post world. War two piece peaceful world that and the piece that we've enjoyed for decades since then and yet somehow just with this completely shambolic i think unforgivable chaos of the biden administration and followed on by their incompetence their callousness of the afghan allies. Who cares about them. They don't fight. Oh the european allies fall into line. And even the callousness of of really freely about american citizens that there ain't gonna leave american citizens behind and.

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