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He lives and he um among others chris ready who runs a conservative news outlet called news max uh and a former journalist himself who investigated clinton back in the uh in the 1990s it among the people who who trump does talk to chris right is also a member of the president's club down there in palm beach uh urging president trump rather than consent right away to an interview uh which would be sort of a witness interview uh with his lawyer present where uh he'd be talking to robert muller about whatever robert muller wants to to talk about and we've seen dozens and dozens of dozens of these kinds of energy are ready with people from hope heck's the communications director is sean spicer and rights previous other top trump officials in many many others so we don't even know about those consented to these uh interviews which is part of the you know investigatory processed uh the big question is whether trump himself would submit to one uh no doubt uh if you're muller you might wanna get the president under oath uh the answering these questions on whether it be about obstruction of justice sir what he knew about the democratic hacking during the course of the campaign and so you have these people who are allies of president trump urging him not to do that saying it too would immediately put them into jeopardy uh given that he has a penchant for not necessarily uh sticking close to the truth and trying to exaggerate or or spending is way out of things but when you're talking with a federal agent across the room whether it be robert muller or you know there's likely to be fbi agents in the room uh as well uh and you live uh you are in serious jeopardy uh you know of uh of uh a federal crime uh it's the the same crime obviously there michael flynn and uh the trump campaign new george pompidou topless already applied guilty to so clearly bought muller is not messing around here um so they're urging instead for trump to try in an end up just taking written questions from muller and answering them uh you know with his lawyers you know in the.

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