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To require people to prove their identities polling stations in may's local elections they're having a trial appears only certain several local certain liberals speak several local authorities the local elections on the third of may people are going to be asked to produce documents proving their identity but the window scandal is highlighted how many people simply don't have formal identity documents but is this racist and will this disenfranchise people particularly of ethnic minority communities well let's talk dramatic baxter whose founder of electoral calculus and joins us now good morning gene martin good morning gene i'm very well in so we'll we'll this policy at she disenfranchised people well i think the whole is a bit desperately to be honest there's the thing that targeting is impersonation people pretending to be all the voters and there's not much evidence of that's a big problem at all the electoral fraud where it goes on tends to be in the is postal voting on the susceptible to it and this looks like a big bureaucratic problems so pretty much non problems if people will have to bring along a photo id like a passport or driving licence bank statements or credit card is a variety of things but it don't sound as you say a bit lie in a small way what we saw with them with wind rush people are having to you know the state the government is saying we don't trust the people and we won't see lots it'd be okay got if you if you want to join pretty much any organization whatsoever you have to produce some i d you want to join the likud library you've got to produce you council tax documents to prove that you're actually registered in that area i remember i i'm shelby age forty nine when he used to go to blockbuster video to produce not one but two pieces of id to prove who you were but where you live because they wanted to be able to track you down do you think it's saw in the twenty first century that someone can just rock up at a police station and say oh well i'm john smith and i'm going to cast this person's even if the reason to.

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