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I love this headline al Pacino's ex girlfriend he says he's elderly and he doesn't like to spend money so I mean if he was overly I could put up with that if you spend money well it's hard to be with a man sold even Al Pacino the forty year old actor said of her seventy nine year old ex boyfriend Al Pacino the age gap is difficult yes I tried to deny it but now he's an elderly man and to be honest so even with all my love it didn't last long Alan and she said and plus album like to spend money he only bought me flowers it made a polite that he didn't like to spend money I had a fight with him and left him recently but of course I I really love and appreciate her I was glad to be there for him when he needed me to be part of his legacy it's an honor for me I'm glad this relationship happened between this and I hope we remain good friends but I'm not sticking around like to spend money I'll put you know reach for com had asked about the the girl that left and what did he say yes I just love that he's elderly and he doesn't like to spend money if he were willing to spend my sticker the final chapter in the horrific may I hopefully a final chapter but maybe not in the horrific saga of the Utah woman who vanished it's been like ten years ago now and the killings of her young sons in a fiery attack by their father years later of began Tuesday with a court case Josh Powell was suspected in the two thousand nine disappearance of his wife Susan pox Powell when he killed the boys their sons were home Charlie and five year old Braden Washington state case worker had brought them to his home for a supervised visit but he walked around attacked the boys with a hatchet I forgot Matt detail yep poured gasoline on them and then kill them in himself in a fiery explosive house fire in full Susan Powell's parents Chuck and Judy **** of P. all of Washington sue the state department of social and health services alleging its negligence help contribute to the deaths of their grandsons the lawsuit was thrown out in twenty fifteen but it was revived last year by the nine thirty the US circuit court of appeals I'm kind of suspecting it's not going to go anywhere because the case worker apparently didn't do anything out of the normal protocol you know she took the boys to the house they got out of the car they ran to the door she was walking behind them and he pulled the man a lot I am the door locked I pretty hard pretty hard to do and she will ran to our car and started calling I forget whether she started calling him inside the house are calling her superior than she was co anchors but the the you know when I and I understand the the **** family their grandkids gone their daughter gone in they've they've sought some euro there were lots of mistakes in that yes a bill that would effectively decriminalize polygamy here in Utah and dispel fears a prosecution for pro plural marriage among consenting adults sailed through the Senate yesterday senator Deidre hall Henderson's bill would reclassify bigamy as any infraction code to find the practice of the Utah Attorney General's office not to prosecute otherwise law abiding polygamous if they're not doing anything else there's no celebration kids involved if there's you know they're consenting adults not Neil scamming the social support to Dan hammered about this when he comes in for next break in the water yeah but but I think it you know I I understand this but there are people on the other side who are saying but it seems to live Jim rice something that we don't think should be legitimized and what if yes yes there are good they are consenting adults and they are engaged in a polygamous marriage button what effect does it have on the kids who were part of all of that you know that that might be something to consider as well but we'll talk to Dan about it and see what some of the debate on Utah's Capitol Hill are has has been let's see hot hospital director in a China has died of coronavirus he was one of the leading researchers and he is now dead from the virus a Utah couple who's been stuck on a cruise ship for quite some time quarantined on the the cruise ship they they were there from Saint George mark and Jerry Jorgensen they went on a cruise to Asia things did not turn out as they had hoped after being quarantined on the ship for nearly two weeks cherry contracted the coronavirus the coded nineteen and is now being treated in Japan marker husband back in the U. S. but he's in quarantine for another fourteen days at Travis airforce base in California now they say they they say it looks like they're kind of getting a handle on things now things have slowed down to a certain extent and they're also developing trying to develop a vaccine that will keep the a covert nineteen in in check I'm alert one more story yeah let's see how about this is from that file that's titled no that's fun a feral hog weighing four hundred and eighty eight pounds was killed on Saturday in the preserve known as cypress lakes warning to a report published by Bluebonnet news a pair of hunters with nuisance wildlife removal shop the hog as well as six others that each pop the scales at two hundred and fifty pounds Joe Dudley owner of nuisance wildlife removal was hunting the hogs with his friend Mike Huckabee when they came across a group of hogs clustered around one of the communities pawns we were in there doing hall get ratification because they become so over populated Dudley said tearing up the whole dang subdivision you know when I was in Phoenix I went down to visit my friend Jerry in Tucson that he said that we have to keep our garbage cans get a kind of secured in everything I said records he said sometimes but you get these what are they called in general leaders these wild pigs and and I mean two sons of the you know up of of the you know soon it's not like he's living out in the middle of the podium who but these wild pigs will come in and start rooting through the garbage in making a mess out of everything but this is a world record all four hundred and eighty eight pounds and they're delicious alright that's it weather traffic.

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