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Night for you guys was there a sense of exhaling at that point definitely hitting the sound like that and we know we had to get back on of course still play em if i this game you know obviously a lot of headlines around unbc this was a five point game at the half it was close throughout the second half what did you see from the team that had knocked off virginia like i said a great ball club and they they really aren't grindal game and it's big up to those guys out there but it was a grop rush and big ups we saw the headlines there have been a lot of spotlight on them at what point during this game or even leading up to this game at what point did you stop seeing them as the sixteen seed that knocked off a one vs well this is this is the team we're playing tonight at what point did did that mindset change are the minute they wanna give those guys look great ball cookie defeated i'm watching nation so we aren't do we have to come on and and that's what we did you're in a region now we're talking to save your scene from k state at the top four seeds in your south region now are gone you face number five kentucky next what's your prognosis what do you see moving forward here today game you know we have to keep saying diversity mindset come on and say that that's the way we can do that come on get a w when when the top seeds are gone from a bracket like that how do you avoid looking forward to far you gotta take it one game at a time every time you know we can't look past nobody and like i said just say you one game and tom and it just keeps a couple of big buckets down the stretch helping case they get past unbc nbc xavier congratulations thank you so much for kansas state i sweet sixteen appearance since twenty ten bruce weber first sweet sixteen appearance for him since leading illinois to a runner up finish in the two thousand five tournament unbc i ever obviously sick i ever sixteen seed to play.

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