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I mean i am calm and when i think about it now i think how did i not notice this but i didn't i had no ability to see it at all the next question that when asked you is many of our audience members they don't know what schizophrenia is it all they know what they've heard on the news they know what they've seen on television they know a lot of the stereotypes in you know we have certainly done our best to explain it but normal to hear it from you a person who lives with schizophrenia what's a good lay persons definition of what schizophrenia is how would you explain it to somebody well there's different types of schizophrenia i can't speak for all different types of schizophrenia but i have paranoid schizophrenia diagnosed with and so what happens with me is that always think negative thoughts any motions like people are always trying to harm me or people always saying bad things about me behind my back and some makes me become more like withdrawn and depress of a lot of anxiety from an paranoia you know and so like what happened to me when i was really brought down with the illness that i would get stuck in a way to where i would just sit there and just not say anything not communicate you know kinda just hide myself away from my own feelings because it was it was too much for me you know i was like i was just sitting there coma toasts or having some type of psychosis because i couldn't accept the way that i.

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