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In the truck, Casey Liden to set the table for this interim title bout. So. Let's go to the truck and play that clip right now if we could. Thank you so much for having me. On between four sign that forms I'm excited to be back. I will admit that I'm kind of nervous. I'm taking up the reigning champion right now. Games land. I thought I was going to have easy work with Jose but I'm ready to fight here. Man, those are fighting words right there I swear to God Kristen King joins us. She does great work over my may news. She was recent a recent guests on the side. Live chat although I'm not sure if another invaluable becoming her way that, but and welcome back I. Appreciate Your Flexibility. How are you? I'm good. Thanks for having me back. I love between lanes is one of my favorite shows I'm happy to going up against a good brand in Jose, but I met every single one of those words, so I am hoping to give your second straight loss on in between the links today. I love it in her opponent. The former between the links champion. He had a great run, but he's back this week to potentially earn some redemption against James Lynch and add an interim title to his collection, the man with the best mustache and all of them may media the host, the aside live chat from emanate fighting dot com Mr Jose Young. So how are you, sir? Well? I would respond to whatever Christian said, but I couldn't hear anything on unit on my end played I couldn't hear it either, but I remembered it I watched the clip again last night, so she had some things to say. She talked a little trash in. Between the links Zala Basel Kristen. Let us begin with you. You won the toss. We saw this last week a little bit after the Josh Emmett versus Shane Burgos fight as good as that fight was i. don't think anyone would saying that. It was like the. Do we officially have a new clubhouse leader so to speak, if so, why and if not? Why not? Yeah I. Don't think that we do I think it's very close. It's like definitely second place, but that's why I said. This is fight of the year contender. Don't think that it's fight of the year. Just yet mean. The year isn't over number. One and number. Two had to be reminded that you on. UELI actually took place this year, and that was an insane to watch, too, because that was one of the. The most like unexpected performances from both women I was not expecting both of them to just go out there and pretty much hammer each other like that, but with the Dan Hooker fight and the dozen bite I kind of figured that, either go twenty five minutes and be a full blown war like it was or somebody was going to sleep, I'm glad that we got a war between the two, but. Going to jump out of the ship and say that you WANNA versus Waleed has been dethroned us by the year. I think that still pretty clear. Frontrunner with Korea versus hooker. Being second I think a lot will come into. This is recently buyers who were saying the same exact thing about the Emmett versus Burgos fight I think a lot of people had their pumping, and they were just so excited to see if I go down like that this is pretty much the same thing with Hooker vs warriors so fight of the year contender. Yes, fight of the year definitively not yet. Jose. Recently bias is a huge thing and MMA. What have you done for me lately? And this fight delivered in a big way, but did you deliver big enough to to thrown the front runner for fight of the year and twenty twenty between John, Wiley and you on NJ check. Not. And it's it's. It's sitting comfortably at number two, which is nothing to be ashamed of considering I think Jane, widely versus you wanted, and Jj is the best title fight I've ever seen not named. Robbie lawler versus word. McDonald like that is going to go down as one of the great fights of all time, not just this year, so everyone is for the rest of the year for all of these vices going to be battling for number two. We get absolute insanity soon I don't th-. The coker verse. Hooking was amazing. It's everything that lived up to be but I think there's a few factors that play into. Jane Wiley versus you want to of take the place to take playbook out of my former coworker Dave meltzer. It's like the crowd was there. It was for a title Komen Events. Slot underneath a highly. They stole the show like Israel had to sign in versus you. All Romero supposed to be this big epic war, and obviously wasn't in. Everyone was talking about James Lebron. James so anytime a coma van a straw women's title fight. is now as outshining the main event of a Middleweight Championship undefeated, Mentally Champs of the world. In in March. I think I. Think it's January Leon. JJ IS GONNA go down as one of the greatest fights ever, and it's not gonNA. Get thrown anytime soon. I will say there's a kristen knows is already but personally speaking I watched both fights yesterday back to back in preparation for the show, and they're both fantastic. Both really incredible fights, both have arguments for being the best of the year and I don't know if it's recency, bias or whatnot, but right now on this day I think poor versus hooker is the front runner and to sort of piggyback off of what James said yesterday. which have you got to hear? I didn't think there was any point in the Jong Lee versus Yana, J. Check fight where I felt like any woman was in jeopardy of being finished in that fight exact his fight in particular I, think there are points where both guys thought were on the verge being finished, and both were able to come back, and we got a great fight, but tomorrow that could change I could watch them both again and be like you know what. Maybe, it is your way. Lever, Shana but to kind of transition here. One thing we do in the sport a lot because of how it shaped up as we immediately talk about the what's next like we don't allow these guys to savor the flavor for too long, and for me, I have to answer all these questions as as part of my job, but one thing that. That kind of stuck on social media over the weekend was area from ESPN tweets the poor. You should fight Tony Ferguson next which I agree is the fight before a responded with Damn, let me let me rest. SPRY and I'll say first off. Clearly aerial didn't mean let's line. These guys up for a fight in. August clearly deserves and time off after that Ferguson deserves time. Time off after the fight with just engage you, but Jose. We've talked about this on the preview show and on the PO show now that we've had a couple of days to let it breathe a little bit. Is Ferguson the next fight for Dustin down the road whenever he's finished recuperating, or is there something else perhaps a fight with Conor McGregor Nate Diaz or do we? We wait to see how Habib versus plays up before we can even have this conversation because as we discussed last week. If Gates Wins Poor, already get a win over him and we gotTA story already lined up for us over talking about what makes most logical sense, which is of course, not allowed in mixed martial arts. It's Tony Ferguson just based off of the rankings. Tony Ferguson has like Lucas I remember who posted, but it was like people were putting. All of these are resumes next to each other like dust employers, all of these former champions, and then Tony Ferguson all these champions and former champions, being in neither of them have ever been the undisputed lightweight champion of the world. I think it just makes sense the stories they're the rankings there. Make sense, but again you can throw an anomaly as Conor McGregor ideas so I don't really categorize. The quote makes sense fight, and they can fight whatever they want. Because fans will watch them fight wherever they want. Fight the Nadir's. It's supposed to at UC to thirty. Thirty lightweight. If they want to run that back great, they want to run back to convert fight of one seventy great, but I'm not counting those because I'm trying to make sense so Tony Ferguson makes the most sense, but if they want to turn around and say hey, we want to give you a Paul. Feld Charlie or Charles Oliveira like cool, but if you want to wait for Steve Justin Gates, you beats bieb I would imagine they want to give the media rematch. A because I know how the UFC.

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