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Drop little naughty words vacates. Yeah and just to be edgy. Like mark driscoll or something. Anyway we had to come up with wearing. Because i almost got in a car wreck whilst trying to make a left on keystone avenue yet such a dangerous innocent and my son day. He was in the passenger seat and when he thought he was about to be smashed by an f. One fifty who was running a red light he goes. Oh my god and and once. I knew we were safe. I day. that was a swear. It's sinful and i want you to ask god for forgiveness and i want you to do it right now. And he goes for what now and i said for swearing. Taking the lord's name in vain. Buddy a yeah and he goes mom. What is swearing. And i said. It's using bad words. And he said so. Swear is a bad word and i says yes and he goes. So what does it mean when someone says like. I swear i will honor your request and i was like oh that means a promise and he goes so not a bad word and i says yes and he goes so a swear is a promise and i said yes and so he said so a bad swear would-be deceiving someone. You know not saying an arbitrary word. And i said we'll we'll yes. And he said so what are swearwords again and i said day just calm curse words. Just come curse words. Okay if that's what you're getting hung up on and day goes well what about when you curse someone mom like. What does that mean to curse. When i said well it means you're wishing them harm and he said so. Cursing is intending harm to someone. And i said yes. That's true and he goes so. Then what are these bad words. That are off limits. And why if it's not you know wishing harm upon someone or breaking a promise. I mean at this point. I you just kinda wishing you had gotten hit by the f..

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