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Weekend as we get close to the return home for many of us here on this thanksgiving holiday now I will be checking with the on that and happy thanksgiving being happy thanksgiving Michael to everybody in the first late family I've been with this family for a long time is always great to spend time with them and hope everybody has a C. thanksgiving all right thanks dean in the headlines from Westwood One news South Korea says North Korea has fired an unidentified projectile souls joint chiefs of staff gave no further details such as what kind of projectile they think is launched in where it landed in the past such reports by South Korea about north Korean launches of turned out to be test launches of missiles and artillery pieces China has reacted angrily to president trump signing bills on Hong Kong human rights and says the US will bear unspecified consequences the bills mandate sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials who carry out human rights abuses in Hong Kong they require an annual review of Hong Kong's favorable trade status for the U. S. and prohibit the export to Hong Kong police of certain non lethal musicians stocks were broadly higher on Wall Street yesterday making more record highs in a holiday shortened week and all that was before China got upset by those Hong Kong bills technology stocks in companies that rely on consumer spending posting some of the biggest gains Asian markets have dipped in Thursday trading over concerns that the U. S. and China may now have more trouble on the trade talks European markets are down for the same reason in early trading wall street's closed today all right coming up on eighteen before the hour there's lots of football in your future today let's get up to date on that good morning John stillness good morning Michael well nothing goes better with Turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie like a triple header of NFL football and that gets under way this afternoon as the three seven one Detroit Lions host the five and six Chicago Bears at twelve thirty eastern in the second game the six and five Dallas Cowboys look to maintain their slim lead in the NFC east as they host the eight and three Buffalo Bills at four thirty eastern followed by the night cap with the three native Lana Falcons hosting the nine into New Orleans Saints kick off there is it eight twenty as for last night's action will start in the NBA were seventy Sixers center Joe well and be bounced back from his first career start without a point by dropping thirty three points in adding sixteen rebounds on this Sacramento Kings in Philadelphia's ninety seven ninety one win seven support possibly.

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