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This is amazing stuff so they president had michael cohen on a retainer apparently of thirty five thousand dollars a month he's a rich guy so he's got this guy on retainer and they'd takes care of issues from rich people do that sort of thing i guess this is what they're excited about now there's no campaign finance law hugh roe for the president like every sean with this decision was made by everybody every everybody was nervous about from the very beginning i wasn't i knew how much money donald trump put into that campaign one hundred thirty thousand he can do a couple of checks for hundred thirty dollars when i heard cohen's retainer of thirty five thousand when he was doing no work for the president i said but that's how he's repaying that's how we has how he's repaying with a little prophet and a little margin for paying taxes so cohen has this problem he's got a brush fire it's his job to put it out he puts it out he pays the woman off she's supposed to stay quiet she doesn't she gets a sleazy lawyer she's extorting something or blackmailing or whatever she's doing but she's the hero of the story and she's the porn star and she's the hero of the story and because anybody that's against trump the media's with them and that's how that works and the big question has been is there a campaign finance law violation you're not allowed to take money from this pool and use it over there well michael cohen peter out of his pocket and then he was repaid later on.

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