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To learn more so like a lot of people in the audience today when we were growing up at one point or another we all kind of wanted to be an astronaut. It's just a really. It's a really cool job. And when you think of exploring space if you listen to a show like stuff. They don't want you to know you have to ask yourself. What astronauts see when they're up there in orbit that's where buzz aldrin comes in. yeah buzz aldrin comes in in a big way because he in two other dudes allegedly or very much in reality went to the moon and they got to step on that puppy. See what it's like. Don't step on puppies. But they got to step on the moon yep and buzz aldrin would go on to be a pretty Interestingly outspoken character saying some things that lead to some pretty interesting speculation really fed the conversation around what could be going on out there. Yeah what was. He allowed to say what wasn't allowed to say did he. Slip up is that we're talking about in this episode. You'll have to find out.

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