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Okay you're gonna wanna listen it's all acting everything is about the inner workings of what it's like to be an actor the process of being an active fun conversation the greatness of other actors the highs and lows of being even a successful actress someone like she's been mega mega mega hits scary movie these movies made millions and millions of dollars girls trip biggest blockbuster of last summer she's breaking down the highs the lows the reality of everything in her career that i could squeeze out a one iron rapid ford serial podcast coming up next i'm so excited about having her on the show i've been a fair we never even met real life coming up next let's get something nice let's get something pretty let's get something funny we could something some smooth for own g regina hall on the im rappaport stereo podcast all right can we test tests ss because test test regina hall own g now you're oh gee i'm not it's you're a fucking oji regina hall thank you for coming on the im rap for stereo bucks i don't think we've ever met i we have met when did we i don't in passing in passing and you remember what i remember because i was a fan of your work i wasn't i wasn't working yet so it would you know how you meet a lot of people do no way to remember but you were very sweet and we met very much in passing and i was like i love michael rapid your dope in new york before you were like weapon off yes before all right that's good at least at least it was a it was a good cause because i know that kind of meeting is different than oh i met you at the bubble bump here yeah that's thank god we didn't meet what i did was i was it was a it was a fan meeting i've got you know what i mean i got you while i'm a fan and now we have a van but we it's funny because we we've never met but you know like we have so many people in common worked with so many people in common.

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