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That if i die maybe maybe a little one of those why not the hush to be a first of everything but if i buy the i will carry on through you that you will keep my name going and your children mitral knows the so i will exist in some form as long as i'm here that's fisher so let's do the last bucket list as others this is my bucket list there was a time when you were a kid and you're listening to baseball announcer and then he moved on to florida you moved on to florida and then you were both working together fired bob red barber and at the end of his report he said over to you larry knows will migrate thrills of my life so remains of throw here's ago listen to from age seven eight on up the guy who taught vin scully how to announce the best way place for brokers show or heard at a so the mackeson can tallahassee flawed and i could always he his voice in my head as pick blue grew up in los angeles have scholars voice in her head so when he the i'm sitting down i did my interview portion and he would do sports news and he says that salasian sports lanai and when he said lack my god thing went through my head in his this little jewish kid from brooklyn with his 48 pound transistor radio walking around on this emerson radio to coni out listening to read.

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