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Now, you know. Okay. Go because I need to see it. That's so sad. I mean, I feel like it takes a lot for Brady go and to get like embarrassed. She see me she seemingly explained her reason for drinking too much saying she sometimes struggles to see her friends with their quote. Perfect husbands. She continued. I know I embarrassed my kids. I'm not perfect. Yeah. It's really really sad. And like, I just I hope she's ok in general because even like in the video and pictures where she's not wasted leaving mystery shell like. I don't know. She just doesn't seem to be like her Nobel f- breads, eat lamb Bill like has not been okay for a while. Yeah. But but then she makes a video like this. She's clearly self-aware so. Right. What's going on, you know? And it's like at least we're going to add about at least up here. So following him. That's true. That's true. I don't know. I looking forward to seeing her on the season me too. I really like any. No, I could always go for bringing her back. Right. She's one of my top picks, my top recruits someone who really needs to show yet. I mean, clearly, right. From like, I wonder why these photos like art making her say something I feel like I've seen a lot of photos of her over the past couple of years like wasted TMZ videos like leaving restaurants and stuff not getting into the nice guy. Like I've seen that. So I wonder why this one like required a response from her. Yeah. I guess they were like that bad. I mean, the pictures that. So she just didn't look like she there was nothing. So crazy. She just didn't look her best. You know, she just pit was out. No. And wasn't there like member at the reunion? When Kyle was like yelling at her saying like there was pictures for her Tampa was out like at least this isn't that? Right. No. This is a weight. I could have good paper breads, you Glenville. I think I'm seeing more photos than what I originally saw. Hold of searching on Twitter one second though. I mean, I did see pictures where she looks drunk. Are you seeing the pictures of with this one guy? Oh, no. I'm seeing her alone in a little pair of red shorts. Oh, those are pictures from the other night. I saw those pictures are fine you so what are you talking about? I don't know. Now, I'm looking at brand Glendale wasted pictures, and there's other. Oh, yeah. And then there's like this whole series. I dunno. I this has happened many times. Right. And these aren't even the worst those shorts are cute. And if you should just going through something like her legs looks so long inlet. And then yeah, I mean faces and look great. But like some you know when you drink you get weird face. Yeah. Of course, your faith like your take your muscles in your face. Stop working. Yeah. And they and yeah, they just give up. They're like you're on your own bitch. Honestly, this is where it's like we always joke about like how he loves to be brought 'paparazzi. But like don't up out to me. Like, if I'm drunk, you know, leaving a restaurant, which I usually am, you know, right, please. Don't don't bother out to me when I'm walking with a twisted ankle to Billy eyelash. And I'm not even sure why. Got so much trauma with Billy Elliot's like act Machala so much drama. Okay. So apparently, everyone loves Billy eyelash. I must listen to MS catcher tune sometimes you weren't playing at the main stage. So usually usually people who are playing at the main stage like not that many people will go see them. But like twenty minutes before Billy Elliot is performance like the entire festival migrated over. And like we got caught in the in the in the mangrove said relevant all because some people in our sisterhood are already wanted to go. So we walked over to that. So you do for sisterhood you walk. Right. Such a far walk. We get to the artists area and artists areas usually like not tacked at all, but it was literally a mosque pet. Like, it was so crazy. It's not like the Titanic like I was looking for Greg Salkin. And I was like like getting rough in the most of the crowd. I was like, right. Hey such a gentleman. He did not leave me behind. Where like we were a train..

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