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Counter is a longtime businessman she partner with the research scientist create jump pro judo window startups like this are working on therapies for cancer alzheimer's autoimmune diseases and more but conner says the competition for early funding is fierce even if you really have a really promising concept with a proven technology you have to get people to believe in it and to believe in you years ago conner might have had to convince big pharma to believe in him but today lots of the big pharmaceutical companies no longer develop drugs from scratch instead there looking to pick up products that have already advance them and are showing more promise this void plus an explosion in hope biotechnology field outside that traditional pipeline has created a new marketplace for early stage investment it is fragmented and a little chaotic swat the chaturvedi is founder of prophylaxis it's a company in the bay area that's trying to held by connecting angel investors with biotech startups so the number one challenges for these companies how do they access these individuals rant vice versa for the individuals how do they access these companies that she says getting investors interested in this area is tricky science is intimidating and complicated most people don't understand them green bay's complex technologies so typically what has happened is that has for the natural the pool of in jilin lestas and she says this biotech and pharma area runs counter to the general startup culture that's driven in large part by the software an internet world where success is often built around celebrities pr and buzz so for example how many people are downloading some app makes them more popular than valuable so more investors want in but an signs that is not the case in science would you should be asking for is data what is the experiments that you've done what will the results of what were the stress destituted how long did you do them so those kinds of things are more important but is this really the best way to develop new healthcare technologies and therapies so there are pros and eric hines rachel sachs is a professor at washington university in st louis xiii studies this whole innovation and biotech area.

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