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I'm just anxious to get up and to get going and you know, you know get everything set up before the crew down there, but I'll take some CBD tincture and it definitely knocks me out and I don't need very much of it and I'll I'll I'll often I'll have my wife wake me up sleep through the alarm when you were saying you take THC tincture to Yeah, yep. Yep. I take them both smoked as much is that something you make yourself? Or do you have a product that you prefer? I thought the CBD tincture a local guy out here. Wild. His name is Ben Davies wildfox Provisions. He makes them the tincture he is a an organic C S a f vegetable and and meat farm and then he also does hemp they make a really nice product off and then if there's another CVT I like I'm just going to plug them. I have a friend that works up in Vermont at Sun soil up in Hardwick Vermont. And that's that's a really nice product. It's cheaper than Benz. But but also, you know, very good of certified organic. And then the THC tincture is just a friend of mine up in Vermont makes them and I don't think he has a brand but he's got a dog. Great a great recipe and and he I get them from him. How did you guys get started in this stuff? Was that something you cared about in the beginning like plant medicine and eggs and plants as a whole or I mean growing gardens from a from a young age for definitely and studying the the state of the world studying Environmental Studies in school. Just sort of led me down a path towards agriculture as a way to unplug from the rat race society and just be outside interacting with plants and animals and elements on a daily basis and something that you know fills me up and and makes me feel more human.

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