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Which is what I think we have. Right, so they came back, and they also brought a lab report. Which was important. So Steve brought the lab report and actually, he brought the bottle of a product he bought before printed out from their website. So we went through the lab report together. Pointing out the important parts. Yeah, was he was good enough to bring us the bottle that he had been using of another company and the lab report and that our Steve sat with that Steve and they went through the lab report and got some good details out to him right so we can talk, at least for the listeners. Would. Those parts are briefly one of the most important things that we think in the lab report is safety reports. We test for five different safety areas on our lab reports residual solvents. Which solvent is something that's going on that you used to take the plant material and get it into another former likened to our oil when we extracted, there's an ethanol process some people use in this case they used And when we looked at the residual solvent report, it had a high level of maintaining it. Which one? It was good that they had it their Andi transparent about it so You know, Steve did a good job at picking out of product. So I just want to understand they had no problem with bringing the lab report like for you guys to examine it. Okay, so that's trust what we recommended that because when I talked to Steve the first time, I said Are you currently using something You said? Yeah, and I have a lab report somewhere at home, and I said, OK, when you come back, bring it over, and he did. So did they think they're did he think that it was good when he bought the product in the first place? I think he was generally happy that he saw the lab report because he had read and, you know, done his research. And and again, you know, he he understood that he needed to ask for a lab report in the lab report. But I don't know how much in depth he thought that that specific report was going into the lab reports can be difficult to read on DH. Some of that's intentional or they're just information. That's just not present. And you just don't know. So how is yours? Not difficult to read. It's not difficult. We have a summary page number one where it shows you the five different safety areas that are reported one so you can just at a glance see that there's testing for these areas, and that's what we do when we do CBD wanna won or how to be an educated consumer sessions. We talked through the five different areas of safety that you need to be aware of on a lab report. Mold, mildew, mycotoxins, residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, So all those things need to be run through. When you order lab report When you say I want a third party report, there's not just one Test. There's a Siri's of test. There's different types of machines. S o finding a lab that can run an actual third party test. That's meaningful, right? I mean anyone you can pay someone for an inexpensive lab report and they'll give you a nice certificate. With with a few check boxes in their pass without any details, And that's what I was going to say. That's a good place to skimp on money, right? If you want to spend much less on a lab report, then you can actually choose to do it internally within your own company, and you know What value is that? Frankly, I mean, you have to test internally. But really, it's all about sending a blind sample out to a third party. And secondly, within the realm of third party companies that test these things, and then you can spend ah, different amounts of money rights, and it all comes down to how many tests you want to run the thoroughness of it, that sort of thing. Did you know about any of this before you went into this business? How did you learn about it? We had to learn about it This way. We knew that when we decided to put our names and faces on this business, we knew that we had to have a superior product and there was no way that we were going to be able to sleep at night or be able to come to market or feel good about anything that we D'oh..

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