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Dan dan that's ridiculous nobody said that nobody said that incisa stand up fight against these injustices about va bring up this guy is completely and utterly unnecessary if you going to say dan dan maybe you weren't paying attention before but you vent is made the point that we want the they want the straightaway role made the same point napoli made the same point the head of uefa referees who happens to be italian pierluigicollina together with other people you for things that it's not ready for the champions league that's what he's talking about when he says we need to make our voices heard we need to get more respect bob blah blah and the location is that if rao madrid wanted var you'd have vr tomorrow that's what he's driving at he's not talking about a conspiracy darkened room so nobody except for some fool with ten hat actually believes that i tell you up solutely disagree with on there's no way anybody can sit down and read those comments from monte and see he's talking about via it's impossible it's impossible to inclusion that he's only solely talking about the fortunately possible if you look at the whole flow but i'll tell you for like twenty minutes you're only picking passan you've got in the last twenty four hours up the i know that has actually taken up from that statement right shack let me see i think getting from the room account appointing a lot more than we are regardless of free at this point there's a deep suggestion to that and as much as a understand emotion as much as as a sympathize with the hood especially going in this manner special you come back and you got the miracle against boss alumina to to come this close i not get through i get it but whether he does settles you have to understand that roma will five dome out the foods lake and as much as you may want to point to the first goal of being of side you know that this is a two legged tie this is a hundred eighteen minutes going off side that doesn't mean that you throw caution to the wind just gamble and play yourself out to this game now the fact that liverpool let them back in.

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