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And WFAN FM New York I know it's not top of mind right now but you heard John Merrow with the fate of the live manning and you know I I just said all along the line many to do whatever the heck he wants to do at this point he could retire he's obviously financially set for the rest of his life he doesn't have to worry about money he doesn't seem to want to coach she's been asked that in the Sudan that's that's not for me he doesn't seem to want to be a broadcaster and do caller for games and doesn't seem to appeal to him much so here is kind of sitting there and he's gonna yeah I still can play and I I believe you can so is there a situation that fits for him now it sounds to me like John Merrow would love to have you lie stay with the giants in some capacity Megan on I'm sure if you lie says on mine I'm going to retire that he could be a in a public relations spokesman for the giants you know perfect example of that with the Rangers and I'm not even sure if he's still there when it was Rajo there rod was a handsome well spoken guy that just yet love fragile berries are just wonderful guy you want to be around the so when he retired from hockey didn't play anymore he was a good will ambassador for the Rangers you know he was a guy that just you know hung in there and stayed around and you know charity softball games things like that he was there for that you know he's just a good a good guy to be there and you I could do that I know that he lies not necessarily the most gregarious person in the world and may not want to go to you know I don't know baby showers and things like that appearances like that but I think Eli manning you know would be a guy that certainly would be welcome at charity golf tournaments and whatever now so as I think that they could be a good role for him if he decides he wants to do it but I think the best role for him and and this is something I doubt that he would do is to be their backup quarterback again if they say look you live you know we can't give you twenty three million dollars obviously but you know we'll give you a five ten I don't know of movement whatever their salary cap structure is and you just be here and if anything happens to Daniel you know if he gets hurt his ankles get hurt again or something you can step in and play in you can be around the team you can prepare I think he lives ego one he's got to have an ego even though he's very self effacing and a modest guy is is probably going to go man I don't want to stand around holding the tablet clipboard I want to be the second fiddle if I can still play now may I hear a lot of well San Diego which should actually LA now they're opening their new stadium Philip rivers is probably going to retire again we don't know that that's the case so a veteran quarterback Eli manning could have one last moment of glory with the Chargers yeah yes but he's got a house family in New Jersey so you really want to go play for the Chargers in LA so that's all the things that are going through his mind in again we can't tell him what to do we can't say well this would be best for you we lie it's a it's a personal decision and something that he's got to do would they consider him as an offense of coordinator now I don't think he'd want to do that and he's never done it he's never coached before just as a mentor a guide to you know hang around it now the other thing to as I think he'll do that informally I think that he'll be around the giants and he'll be around to you know to talk to people and you know Daniel Jones has his phone number and he said that you know the lack of this problem here than you I can give him some advice I think that's going to continue regardless of what he like many decides to do okay we have open phone lines eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six is our number Tom in Glendale is with us here on the fan Tom yeah hi Richard I'm I don't I'm I'm not he gave them a picnic stand but over the last few years that the on watch in my view I mean we could get you shot that could never get it stopped and they keep on doing this well we're going to have cap space we're going to go for the free agent in the free agent never come they don't want to go there because it's so dysfunctional in my view and I like to get your your limit is that they just have to hunker down get themselves a really top notch GM what president and start from the bottom correct well in some teams have done that and they come up and then once you're credible then you're going to get the free agents otherwise they're not going to come because for them the money for the same whether they come to New York or the complete going to Oklahoma City so that's my view and I like to get your view on that is yeah well I I agree with you and I think that's the the problem with the Max salaries in the way that basketball contracts are structured now you can't blow somebody out of the water within an offer it's not like with Matt rule where you can make an offer you can't refuse you're limited as to how much you can pay somebody so if they can make the same amount of money where the less tax in Texas or Florida or you know some other state and they can still have the fame they can play with guys a no one like it's it's it's tough to come to New York and they see the dysfunction in the organization employers talk you know players go out to dinner after games and say Hey you know what you think Jesus places so so it it it travels and they know that and you know the deal Louis T. online I want to play with the winner is is true they want to play with the team that has a chance to win and the idea if you make it in New York it's better than making it anywhere else probably still is but is it worth the pain you have to go through to get there and I think that's what a lot of players are starting to consider now let's go to Dave in Tucson Arizona gave your on the fan yeah it's actually about forty degrees but it'll be sixty five today here's my playoff projection and and I win a thousand dollars I was in last one last weekend if somehow the Texan tie in the minors in Green Bay move on I'm a good position all I know is that the tie ins that not that they don't have a shot but Hey you know anything given Sunday and the Texans is my big clay you know nine and a half points is a lot but for the hundred dollar day just for the Texans to win is a four hundred dollar return and you know I don't know Kansas city since week eleven they said the best defense but who do they really play and is in the read ready to take it to the next level so I'll put you back on radio dot com he's he's already then at the next level it's not like Andy Reid hasn't been in a championship game it was our last year and you know what I've I've carp about the overtime rule forever but I believe and I I said this right after the game that had the patriots not won the coin toss of Kansas city had won the coin toss the Patrick my homes with a rally that team down the field scored a touchdown and won the game and played in the Super Bowl but because the flip of the coin Brady got the ball and he had Gronk care and he had a little man he had his guys then and that the fans and they went right down the field and won the game and Kansas city and and mom's never even touch the football look that's how they sucker you into betting face value could win four hundred dollars for a hundred isn't it great that's how you get suckered in and every once in awhile the right the gas right yeah throw the dart and it license where it has still my aunt but I'll tell you something and it's losing game a losing game and that's why you know the NFL NBA Major League Baseball are all getting into gambling now because say they make a lot of money and where is that money coming from your pocket by let's go to Bob in comac you're on the fan Bob hello Bob women I gotta do this hello Bob our yeah good morning the wrong buttons here are right back okay that's okay I wanted it get your take on the jets a minute you know I thought the defense meeting a lot of pieces performed very well this year very athletes Greg Williams is job I think there are a couple of corners away from being a top five to sixty that obviously they have to fill holes offensively but I do not think that the we would it took seven and nine nine and seven anyway without the injuries I did get one time Jeff at I don't think they are very far from competing for a playoff spot and being a very competitive team and I want to get your opinion on that I would agree I don't know that it's you know a fate accompli obviously you've got to spend some money get some players you're gonna have to draft well all and this will be the test I mean this is Joe Douglas's first draft with the jets my cabinet drafted last year you've got to get that secondary a little bit better you certainly need to address the offense of line and you got a hope that Adam gaze use is sincere and Hey you've got living on bell who is a tremendously talented player who still has a lot of gas left in the tank and you got and more three years more on the contract yet to figure out a way to use him better and part of that has to do with the offense of line if you can hold some blocks a little bit longer you give him some creases he can make some hay got to be able to do that and yeah I think that's that's their marching orders and I think they could get a kick or two so we got some work to do but if they do it well and Donald continues to progress and they certainly could use a better receiving corps couple of new guys there this could be a pretty good team next year they do have a tough schedule they played the NFC west and that's not exactly chopped liver Fred isn't quite planes here on the fan Fred good morning Richard thanks for taking my call great show as always I have to promise for the giants the probably pretty crazy but number one if if Grady lease doing when I could do you like going to knowing like sitting there is a place holder meant it to whoever they start out gonna be there next quarterback I know they've got this guy he did they might like but what he would be treating a year to do when you get you behind a good offensive line he would you could do with the gene at the ballot check it's intriguing to me to the hill I go there for yeah because I think a bit Brady this going on you know I would be as good as any other option other than cam Newton I on the cam Newton going there so my other comment Richard is even more crazy I think judges just the precursor developed you're coming back to the giants in a couple years that they are president of operations I think by that time you will want to coach anymore he's going to get out of doing one and that would be a perfect spot for him that his guy in place the judge and then he could be the president and make all the personnel moves a bagel the draft will I think if he went to John marriage that Daddy the year from now or even this ought to be tomorrow we kick get a monthly decided he would put him right in there but I think that this is a precursor could be crazy but what do you think about you like on the New England if Brady Lee they're interesting you know I you wonder about Belichick whether Belichick has a burning desire to tell people Hey it wasn't because I had a great quarterback and Tom Brady that I.

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