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After this guy who gave it called on students to boycott the institution over the state's restrictive new abortion ban. Hugh Culverhouse junior, seventy year old, Florida real estate investor. Who said that he has no doubt the board of trustees acted in response to his remarks complained that the state of Alabama was only reinforcing its reputation as the land of the backward full of Hicks. By the way, he never went Dalla Bama. I don't even know why he was giving them twenty six million dollars. I guess I guess he likes saving. University officials denied the decision that anything to do with Culverhouse's stand on the abortion law said it was prompted by his attempts to dictate how the cash should be spent is pledge announced in September was the biggest contribution ever made to the university in return. The law school was renamed, the Hugh f Culverhouse junior school of law as the way to get it done by your way on the side of a building. Within minutes of the trustees vote a maintenance crew had removed. His name in the university had wired him. Twenty one point five million dollar refund of the money that he'd already given the university toward filling his pledge. So they go, this is based on this supposed. Abortion banned pass last month said to take affect the November would make terminating a pregnancy a crime punishable by ten years to life in prison for the provider with no exception for Raper incest. You know, it's going to be interesting to you'll see some of these activists what if Nick Sabin, resigns over? I mean, this is getting silly folks, this has nothing to do with a university of Alabama. Okay. I'm in the university of Alabama didn't come up with the law, whether you like it or not. I mean they don't get credit for it. They don't get blamed for it. But this guy is trying to make a point I guess. Anyway, K jewelers apologizing after telling a cop in North Carolina. They couldn't bring his gun into the story when he was in full uniform. Every kick begins with k I guess. Supposed to be a special day this going to townhall dot com. This guy an on duty police officer drop. Mike K jewelers to pick up as engagement ring. He was carrying his service. Firearm, he was told that if he removed it and left it in his police vehicle. He could retrieve it, but that would be going against department policy and possibly putting the public at risk cops leaving guns and cars while on duty is not smart, but it's also not allowed by his beliefs department. Or the sheriff's office. So the sheriff's office, this is from W M, T W sheriff's office in North Carolina took to social media after staff members of the jewelry store, Leslie stopped an on duty deputy from entering the store, too. Busy engagement ring because he was on the ir. Dale county sheriff's office said they were deeply saddened by the situation that unfolded, K jewelers in states, Ville, North Carolina about forty miles north of Charlotte. The deputy took his meal break to pick up the ring was met at the door by the store manager, who informed him that he was not allowed to wear his service weapon while on the premises. The deputy told the manager would be policy violation for him to remove his service weapon, while in uniform, the sheriff's office said the policy is in place for not only the safety of the deputy but the general public is well, the manager stated our deputy would need to return to the store at a different time when it was not on Kay jewelers has jumped in and they said they've apologized and they said that the manager in question is no longer with us. So they haven't. It's just some of these folks, I'm telling you, this anti-gun stuff is just going nuts. Absolately nuts YouTube. Well, the censorship advocate this, this Carlos Maza guy who is trying to get everybody. That is so called bullying him whether than Carlos stop watching louder with Crowder. Okay. Just don't watch it. I can't help it. Well that's your own problem in. Anyway, this guy is talking about these people in Crowder, and the rest of these folks are advocating violence, this guy supports Antigua, and Tapeh, unknown. Thaad terrorist communist group? This guy supports. This is the this is the vox reporter who YouTube listened to causing the vox, add Pakalitha. Hashtag also encouraged the recent trend physical attacks against two against pro Brexit politicians in the United Kingdom, and which left wing protesters. Hurled milkshakes at them. Milkshake them. All he said on Twitter, which is not restricted his account for promoting physical assaults on politician. This from bright born. Maza has also defended antiga, which of course engages in political violence against conservatives as legitimate protests and antique activists has pled guilty to plotting acid attacks against Trump supporters. Another was arrested for allegedly attacking a Trump supporter with a metal bike lock. In another post Maza claimed a widely documented trend of persecution of Christians around the world is a myth. Well, we got to come up with the name. I mean, you know, the got birth IRS truth IRS. I don't know. We'll come up with a name for this guy who's denying that they're persecuting Christians around the world. Maza who's gay, really claimed his campaign against YouTube in general, and conservative comedian Steven Crowder, in particular was due to him taking a fence at crowd or making gay jokes. Crowder said look, we're just poking fun at the guy. He starts going after me. I go after him, but you're using lisp. Oh, you can't stereotype gays like that. Former employees of far left smear outlive media matters, which also works the de platform the right. Maza says his motivation for joining was to take down, Fox News. Is Twitter bio, currently says Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist. We told you about it the other day. But of course, there's nobody. I mean, of course, Tucker Carlson is not a white supremacist. And there's nothing nobody on Twitter. Where's what's the guy's name? The, the guy that owns that runs Twitter a what's his face. I have no word from him on, whether they're not gonna take this guy out, because he's calling Tucker Carlson white supremacist. So this guy's he's what he is, is he's hyper sensitive, and I know he's gay. But I mean this is just hyper, hyper sensitive for the love of Peter Paul, and Mary, if you don't like Steven Crowder, stop watching him. But now that's not good enough for the left. All they have to be banned. They have to be taken down. This is what they do. They go on these little campaigns of trying to get people. They don't like taking off the air like Fox News for crying out loud. They launch boycotts against her advertises. Look, I have no problem with a, you know, a personal boycott. I mean, there's several businesses I choose not to go to, but I'm not here pounding the podium every day. Don't shop its own. So don't shop its own. So I'll just tell you who these folks are, you can decide what you wanna do with them, or whether you want to shop, the or not. But these people tried to close opposition down. It's not good enough, just ignore it. And I've told you I don't ever watch BS NBC, but I would not I second try to get them taken off the air. By the way, you see morning, Joe. He actually complimented the other day Trump in his speech and Normandy. And so I tweeted back Joe is this. You. Hell, the paint at home, though, make probably what are you doing that for don't ever give him anything? But I mean, I just choose not to watch Bs NBC. It's not on my list of things that I watch now I follow him Twitter, just to see, you know, the other side of the story. And what kind of garbage that putting out the because that's my duty as your host is to give you the full story, but I don't patronize them and I don't try to get them taken off the air. I don't give a ranch rumbled, Rachel man. Cows doing tonight on TV. I'm I'm just not going to be there to watch it. Not good enough. Oh, not good enough for Carlos Maza has to have louder with Crowder taken off YouTube. And of course, what they did was de monetize them. So I told you we're talking about putting an inconsistent truth up for free on YouTube. I mean it's just I just think it's time to do that. But now with all the stuff with you too. I don't wanna go through all of the time and effort and trouble to put the thing up there, and then they just start banning it. I mean it's ridiculous. So I'm looking for other platforms vim yo was one of them. But people tell me the video does the same thing as YouTube. Here's something else that really grinds my gears champs. My fanny. Did you know that Google Twitter Facebook? They're all the Munim from being sued. Yeah. You can't sue them for something that somebody else puts on their platform. Well, then what is the deal if you can't sue them, then? Why are they taking all this stuff off is not like it's a personal liability for them? No, it's a political agenda for them is what it is. And so if I were congress, I would revoke that little privilege congress passed a few years ago. So they can't be sued, I just say, well, if you're going to start making political decisions about who can, and who can't be on your platform, then you, you, you know, you're going to be just like anybody else, because anybody on Fox News can be sued anybody on BS NBC can be soon for what they say. But on Facebook they say, well, we're just a platform, so you can't sue us. Well, if you're just a platform, then lit everything stand. But now you're going through in your sins Seraing. You know, I have mixed emotions about all this stuff because I do think it's deplorable. But at the same time, I understand that their private company thing, do pretty much what they want to. It's their business. I'm looking for somewhere else to go. I'm just wishing somebody would come up with now. Maybe they have, and I just don't know about it, but there's bound to be another platform, like YouTube and don't say Vinnie. Oh because people tell me the doing the same thing. But this bound to be another platform where you can go and do all this, you know put whatever you want of there. Now, I would agree that needs to be a warning when there's something nasty, but, well, there's not even a warning on YouTube. You can start playing the video and has got ever have. FM. And you have no idea. But if they don't like your political opinion, they'll just take it off without warning. Six one five seven three seven nine nine eight six. We're back after.

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