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Visit F cps dot BTU slash bus drivers today for details. Say yes to F. C. P s sponsored by Catalyst Mortgage now trending on the kfbk afternoon News with Kitty O'Neil to Northern California Police officers responding to the Cal door fire remain hospitalized after deadly head on crash over the weekend. Nancy Pelosi, one of the most unpopular puppet politicians in the United States. That's according to a new NBC poll. Some Chick fil a Locations are closing their dining rooms amid a worker shortage. And now going in death. President Biden isn't talking about letting any White House officials go because of the unraveling of the Afghanistan situation. Let's get the latest on well on that situation with a B CS Andy Field. Well, The good news is the United States reporting They evacuated 37,000 people since seeing July that's a lot of people just imagine 37,000 people on regular air flights, but They've managed to do that. They haven't give us an exact number of Americans and Afghan refugees and people who have these immigration visas, folks who helped the United States And then there's another problem that is the U. S. Can tell us how many Americans are still in Afghanistan, and there was a reason for that. Jake Sullivan, who is the national security advisor today. Said that the U. S. Embassy asked all Americans when they had traveled to Afghanistan over the years to register with the embassy. They don't have to do that. It's voluntary, but a lot of them did. Now, a lot of them have left the country without de registering, so they don't know if they're still in the country. If they've gone before all this chaos began. If some of them were on these things are If they just couldn't get in touch with the embassy because of the chaos there. But the U. S. Says they've been in touch either by text email phone, however, with people who say they still want to get out, and the president has made a commitment to get every American who wants to leave. Out of that country. It's just not clear how he's going to do that. There's only about is less than a dozen days left till his own self imposed deadline of August 31st to get people out of the country and The Taliban is already saying, Well, that's it. You know you're going to be at play August 31st or else Well, United States are going no, no, You're not saving the timetable. We are. Yeah, the Taliban, saying they're not going to allow the US to extend that August 31st deadline for withdrawing troops. Taliban spokesman Souhail Shaheen described that date as a red line and said any delays would prolong US occupation if they extended. That means they are extending occupation. While there is no need for for that, I think they were able to treat the relation that will create mistrust between us. Here's State Department spokesperson Ned Price. We are not in any way trusting the Taliban. This is not about trust. This is about Um what's in our interests and also what's in the interests of the people of Afghanistan? Meantime, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby at a briefing this morning, says they're working as hard as they can to get everybody out as quickly as they can. We're doing the best we can under extraordinary circumstances and believe me. The pain and the suffering the fear the anxiety all of that None of it is lost on us our troops. He also responded to reports of poor sanitation and a lack of basic supplies like water at the airport in Kabul. Kirby's acknowledging the issues and says more supplies are being brought in. Traffic and weather together for you right now. Let's head to the traffic center for Dana has brought to by all states and on our freeways, kitty things looking pretty good. Seven minutes downtown of the split eastbound cap city doesn't get any better than that. Also split to Roseville is eight minutes on eastbound 80. Downtown. L grow But 11 minutes in I five is still about 12 minutes on 99. We had that accident, the Broadway, causing a bit of a slowdown. Um, downtown to Folsom 18 minutes. Eastbound 50 also 18. If you're going to Woodland from downtown North 25 to Main Street out there and out to Davis West found 89 minutes to Base Boulevard. And if you're going eastbound, it's also going to be Nine minutes in reverse, as it were and looking to save money this year. Look at all state You can get the protection you need the low rate low rates you want with all state, you can lower your rates, not your expectations. Visit Allstate dot com or call an agent for a quote today. Traffic on the tens every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the Bonnie leading the Way Home Traffic Centre. Dana has news 93.1 kpk. Alright, Thanks. Dinner. Have a good night. Sand us also your kfbk forecast Now tonight we'll see Clear skies expected Low.

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