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Is closing its D.C. offices, but no job cuts. I'm Jeff. It's 1148. To the WTO traffic center and Carlos Ramirez. Thank you so much, and we've got the closure in the district. If you're trying to head all along the south capital street or rather the Douglas bridge, as of now, the Douglas bridge is completely shut down. You can not leave or come into the city using the Douglas bridge. You're going to want to opt for either 11 street bridge or Pennsylvania avenue. Here's the thing though, if you opt for the southeast Southwest freeway and the 11th street bridge, there is an accident reported on the outbound side headed towards D.C. two 95, central lane is currently blocked with some delays back towards south capital street. D.C. two 95 slow in either direction headed to and from east capitol street doesn't seem to be because of an accident scene just your regular volume delays, outer loop issue we had, past kennel worth avenue has cleared. It was on the left side of the roadway, but even so it looks like the delays are sticking around. You've got delays on both the inner and outer loop of the beltway headed towards two O one, southbound side of the BW Parkway have two separate work zones that are mobile, blocking the right lane headed between one 75 and Maryland 32, same story headed down towards I 97, or rather I Maryland one 97 on I 97, we are slow from crownsville all the way down towards 50. This is because of the accident seen on the eastbound side of 50 out for the exit near parole that's exit 23, right hand side of the roadway is affected. And again, causing delays back towards I 97. Is your Internet provider holding you back will switch to one that keeps you moving forward, switch to Cox business today at Cox business dot com. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Our forecast from chuck bell. We're still dealing with some cloud cover across the area for now. These clouds are not producing much if anything in the way of a rain threat, any rain that does come down will be short lived and non impactful

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