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Joe Micheletti anything about tonight's game? Our question comes from Alec in Chicago, Joe he wants to know his Montreal going to be able to make a strong push in the third against the Tampa team, Notorious Shutting it down when holding the lead after two periods of play. You know, John, I think the one thing that hockey fans and hockey people have learned in this year's playoffs is Don't bet against the Montreal Canadians. No one thought they'd make the playoffs. No one thought they get through the first round the second round. Third round and here they are in the final. So just from that premise alone and the way they play, you can't bet against them. Now that being said, you've got the Tampa Bay Lightning that learn how to defend with a lead. Last season, and that led them to winning the Stanley Cup and he is absolutely right about the way of when Tampa decides to just lock it down. They can do that. 12 to in these playoffs when leading after two periods of play are the Lightning. I mentioned it earlier affairs repeating in the regular season, the Lightning were 26. Oh, When leading after two periods of play the only team in the National Hockey League over the course of the truncated 56 game season that did not cough up a lead after two periods of play, John and I think Think Campo came up will come out and try to stay aggressive. You know, the way they lock it down is they don't take risks. The play is not there. They'll make they'll make the safe play if it's not there, but if they get an opportunity to get into four check Cause turnovers, get scoring chances. They're certainly going to play that way. That's been part of their evolution as well. You go back to 2019 when they ran away with the president's trophy and then were swept in the opening round by Columbus. They had their detractors who said they can't win 21 games. They don't know how to lock it down. They they're not a team that Take their foot off the gas will be successful. One of the things that appears they have learned. They do know they certainly can do that part of it. Personnel changes part of it, the mental mindset of the team and how on how to win. It started tonight's third period. Brought to you by Meiko Need a paint job on your car. When life throws you. Oh, just say, better get Mayko Tomenko. Com today underway in the third. Both teams full strength as Tampa Bay controls the draw, David Savard. Hand shooting defenseman fires it ahead, redirected in by Blake Coleman and behind the Net price turns it over. Coleman chops it right back in front and little chaos in front of the Montreal net is settled down as Josh Anderson brings it back to center. How about Phillip Danault starts the opening face off, wins the face up and makes a change. That's all important. Now Montreal is looking at face offs and puck control in this period. Price sweeps one away from behind the net. And now Anderson speeds to Senate knocked off his stick as he gains the blue line, But we'll track it down himself, Curls it along. The end boards are Turi lechon and gets there for the Canadians. Leaves it on the wall to know sweeps it deep. But Anderson going for a change, so the Canadians will relent and the lightning get it to center. Stamkos feathers it in behind the net. Petry gets there. First Little reversal, but Stamkos got there. Loved away and now Gallagher Place for Dino at center. Canadians through the neutral zone Lechon and had it poked off his stick as he tried to dump it in. Now he retreats back into his own zone. Where Petrie in Edmondson play catch Edmondson's past. Out of the reach of you know, we'll go all the way down. This is icing against Montreal. And that's part of the way that Tampa Bay will defend by just getting up. Making you do something with the puck before you're ready to And sometimes When that happens, it turns into an icing. So Tampa Bay again stands up in the neutral zone Forest Montreal and make a quick pass and Mrs Now the face off in the Montreal in Both of these teams in the playoffs have averaged giving up more shots on gold and they get shots 1914 after two periods of play. In favor of Tampa Bay. Petri off the draw, just rides it around the boards all the way down and once again icing the call against the Canadians. Minute 26 gone in the third period and the good thing for Canadians that they have their checking line on the ice and their best face off man, Phillip Danault, so Even though Tampa counters with their best offensive line. It certainly helps staff Dano and his group on the ice. Face off to the left of Carey Price. 17 saves to his credit so far, and as soon as they drop in the play is whistled out called Straw, so they'll do it again. Game two of this series Wednesday night, Right here at Emily Arena, another eight o'clock eastern start will go on the air here on Sports USA at 7 30. Great point kicked out of the faceoff circle, so a lot will take this. And loses it easily to 10. Oh, no wins it cleanly angled out of his own liking and doesn't get a touch on it. But he was tied up. So as it goes down to Vasilevskiy Canadians able to make those changes surrogates through center, his pass off the skate of Sharratt goes in behind price backhands it back up the boards to the right side. Future off knocks it down to Foley is able.

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