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But the whole like the quote from Keleti Adams ends with the function of the absent referenda is to keep a meat separated from any idea that she he was once an animal to keep something from being seen as having been someone to allow for the moral abandonment of another being so she argues that animals disappeared in three ways. So the first way is they disappear literally because the killed the second way is the bodies disappear because they cut up reshaped cetera. And then third way, and that's interesting disappear conceptually because rename them, and then we take their oppression and use it as a metaphor other things. Well, even from the the level of language, I think that's really interesting because we talk about we talk about cows. As cows. But when we talk about their meat than its beef. Yes. And chicken, you know, we talk about poultry, or, you know, whatever. And you know, but especially I would say especially with beef. And maybe with with with pork. You know, we don't talk about pigs. We talk about pork. And I think in in German, it's a little more directly related to the animal because when you're talking about a pig, it's fine and then shrine fly inside. So there's maybe a more direct connection to the actual animal. But then when you talk about cuts of meat or how it's prepared you talk about how it's it's cooked into a hamburger him Iger has no relation to beef at all or our cows. Yeah. And then what I found very interesting is that she we not only rename the meat. But when she says, we take the repression use it as a metaphor the things, and I think this is the Padres also relate to the oppression of women. Yeah. Because a lot of the ways that we talk about animals and meeting is also the way that we talk about women and also the quote, unquote, sexual lese Shen objectification of women. Yeah. Okay. And that's kind of pot of her argument when she says that women absent reference in Portugal, culture, and that feminism is the response to that. So she says that male dominance and animals oppression linked, by the way that both women and animals function as absent reference in meat eating and dairy production. And that feminist theory logically contains a vegan critique just as veganism covertly challenges poject society Pontiac is a gender system that is implicit in human animal relationships. She then goes on to say that there is sort of a trinity of forces. So first full objectification. She defines objectification as the process by which we see another being not as someone anymore. But something. Then there was fragmentation. So the cutting up of a body or a being again indicate of animals literally in the case of women figuratively, and that's an aspect that she will discuss in Motael than in in her book, the pornography of me later on and then this consumption where we consume that being. And she says we literally consume animals with visually consume women and on the homepage. She say she says, the sexual politics of me chose how a process of objectification fragmentation and consumption in Abel's, the oppression of animals so that animals are rendered being less. Through technology, language and cultural representation objectification permits. Oppressor too. Few another being as an object once objectified. It being can be fragmented once fragmented consumption happens the consumption of being and the consumption of the meaning of that being Steph. So that the reference point of meat changes. Does that make sense? Yes. Okay. And then she also says that veganism is a nonverbal refusal of trickle world, and that veganism expresses a feminist perspective. So she says an overlap of cultural images of sexual violence against women and fragmentation and dismemberment of nature and the body in western culture, exists the cycle of objectification fragmentation consumption links which ring with both the representation and reality of sexual violence in western cultures the normalizes sexual consumption, this structure creates entitlement to abuse. Use with structure of the absent reference, the states of objectification and fragmentation. Disappear. And the consumed object experienced without a past without a history without biography, and without individuality the sexual politics of meat office examples of historical contemporary, fictional resistance to meeting an obvious that food decisions coded ways of resistance for many progressive feminist, radical activists vegetarianism one aspect of their activism, and then one thing that she also talks about..

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