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Hello margaret is benjamin shapiro here and thanks for tuning into the mar tech podcast. Which is brought to you by the hub. Spot podcast network not spot. Podcast network includes great. Shows like the. I digress podcast. Which helps marketers streamline their businesses by sharing hacks mindsets and actionable tools. Listen learn and grow with the martic podcast. And i digress on the hub. Spot podcast network at hub spot dot com slash podcast network from advertising to software as a service to data across all of our programs and violence. We've seen a fifty five. To sixty five percent open rate getting brands authentically integrated the content performs better than tv advertising. Typical life span of an article about twenty four thirty six hours for reaching out to the right person with the right message and a clear. Call that action that it's just a matter of timing. Welcome to the mar. Tek podcast a benji shabby llc production. In this podcast. You'll hear the stories of world class marketers use technology to drive business results and achieve career. Success will on earth the real world experiences of some of the brightest minds in the marketing and technology space. So you can learn the tools tips and tricks. They've learned along the way. Now here's a host of the bar tech podcast benjamin shapiro. Welcome to the mar tech podcast. Today we're going to discuss early. Stage marketing tricks. Joining us as lee mills. Who is the co founder and ceo of pithily. Which is the easiest way to snap tag share and collaborate a project photos in real time from anywhere pixel enables customers to document projects with photos that provide a clear view of issues and progress while all photos are viewed in real time where they can be tagged. Scientists pacific members most of what pixel is used is in the construction industry. But it's apple in other places as well and yesterday leeann. I talked about influence or marketing for early stage companies. And today we're gonna continue the conversation talking about growth hacking toolkits but before we get started with today's interview. I wanted to share some exciting news as part of our relationship with the hub spot. podcast network. I've been invited to participate. in hub. Spots inbound twenty twenty one conference inbound is an amazing resource to find inspiration. Grow your network and to learn from global industry leaders across business marketing sales and customer success. And this year's lineup includes some amazing speakers. In business and media including oprah winfrey dave chang spike lee. You know just me and oprah hanging out talking about our media empires no big deal anyway. You can grab a free starter. Pass to access all spotlight conversations or upgrade to a powerhouse. Pass for full access to breakout sessions. Curated meetings on demand content and more the inbound. Twenty twenty one conferences hosted with love. Bike hub spot and it takes place on october twelfth through the fourteenth to learn more about the inbound twenty twenty one lineup or to register for the conference for free could inbound dot com. that's i n. b. o. u. n. d. dot com that's inbound dot com and this podcast is also sponsored by linked in marketing solutions. Let's pretend for a moment that you're about to launch a campaign. It tested well. Your entire team is happy and everything is going. According to plan except for the one thought in the back of your head. How do i ensure that the people i want to target are in the mindset to receive my message the answer is linked in because when you mark it on linked in your message reaches the people who are ready to do business and that means that your advertising campaigns will work as hard as it can as soon as you launch it there over sixty two billion decision makers on linked in. And that's why seventy eight percent of to marketers rate linked in as the most effective social media platform for their organization. I personally use linked in both as inorganic growth channel to syndicate our content. And i use it as an advertising channel to retarget mar tech podcast listeners with some offers from our sponsors and hey the messaging platform is a great way to reach potential podcast guests as well so look whatever. Your marketing goals are from brand building to lead generation. Lincoln will help you reach your audience with the features that you know about like targeting by job title company name and location but you can also re target based on custom triggers from your website or even by uploading your crm lists and customize your campaign based on the action that you want the customers to take so look do business where business is done and you can get one hundred dollars of advertising credits towards your first lincoln campaign. there's some terms and conditions that apply. But you can get it by going to lincoln dot com slash mark again. It's one hundred dollars off of your first linked in campaign by going to lincoln dot com slash mar tech. All right. here's the second part of my conversation with lee mills the co founder and ceo of pixel. We welcome back to the marta. Podcast dave grabbing me. I'm every bit as excited to be here. As i was yesterday excited to have you back on the show and to continue our conversation we started off talking about some of your experience working at early stage startups and working with influencers how to get people that have an audience that have credibility to share the goodwill that they've built with that audience and help promote your products or service in a way that doesn't feel like advertising you can start to get some awareness build some trust hopefully even get some traffic from influencers but at some point you have to have a marketing funnel something that actually gets them from awareness visiting your website all the way through the funnel. Talk me a little bit about how you think about growth hacking. What are some of the tool kits that you use to get that initial impression and traction that you're getting from influencers all the way through the final to be your customers at my core. I'm direct marketer. And usually i have little to no budgets so one thing that i'm actually using now i've used was great successful. The past couple of years is the tool called duck super familiar with. I've heard of duck soup. It's du axe isn't it. Yes d- wax. There's a couple of different flavors of tools like this out there but basically i use my lincoln sales navigator in conjunction with duck soup and so i'll run a list for example. I wanna target construction project managers in phoenix. Arizona linked in sales navigator. Chris that lists for me. I turn on duck soup duck soup. Basically automatically reaches out to any second degree connections not first agree with a message and it's not a sales message. It's not a marketing messages. Just like hey i notice. You're an innovative leader in the space. I'm looking to connect with like minded. Individuals is as simple as that. They connect with me. And upon that connection that i sent him another automated email. Hey thanks for with me. I'm flattered i'm looking forward to your updates which is true insincere broadway and then. I asked them if they're using any tools to solve the problem that i saw with pixie. And then if they convert they say yes then it pushed him into hub spot and basically get them onto a demo and then i have a nurture series for them. That's one way. I do growth hacking. Let me stop and ask you here before we move onto the second. So linked in is your lead generation channel. Why do you find linked in to be the best way to reach out the first time as opposed to just doing email.

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