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Other states including several Georgia's neighbors who have announced restrictions system. The spread of the disease camp empowered by an unprecedented public health. Emergency DECLARATION TO TAKE. Similar steps has drawn sharp criticism for reduce for refusing to do so. He's not showing a bit of leadership and he's passing the buck down. The line said George BASCO the executive director of rise and dine an emry village eatery that closed Sunday. I'm appalled at the guy because there are literally hundreds of bars and restaurants. Open and staffers are telling me they're scared they don't feel safe. Being there there echoed by some Georgia Democrats who pointed guidance from the CDC to avoid gatherings of ten or more in the past few days. Florida shutdown bars and nightclubs for thirty days. North Carolina ordered all restaurants too close for Dine in customers and leaders in Connecticut New Jersey New York. Shuttered movie theaters gyms in casinos in a regional efforts to stem the outbreak. In other parts of the state where corona virus cases have yet surfaced local business owners and city officials are more reluctant to urge kept to reverse course Catherine would the manager of Miss Janes restaurant one of the only died in eateries in Warrenton Georgia. Where there's no Viruses confirmed shutdown. Even temporarily would force would and five other restaurant employees out of work. One of our employees has five children and two other income. It's GonNa really hurt a small business. I hope the governor holds off. I'd hate to see them. Close down. It would hurt a lot of people in the small town but I feel like it's going to happen before long and I don't know what we're GonNa do Mayor Phil Best of Dublin. A city of sixteen thousand known cases of the virus ticked off the precautions. His community was taken city halls close to the public restaurants limited orders to curbside pickup. Most restaurants are live streaming for the time being fine like that. I've got full confidence. The way the governor's handling it. He's a real estate agent. He's the president of the Georgia Municipal Association. I'm a big believer in local rule at. That's where it comes down to with the governor. Let me give you. The current audit trail now for the state of Georgia is going to be updated at noon. So the current does not have the cases In Peach and Bibb County at noon it will be updated to reflect that. And we're going to start seeing a big spike in the cases in Georgia but right now We have in Whitfield County one in Gordon County three cases in Rome. We've got six cases in Bartow County nineteen cases in Cherokee County nine in forsyth county to in Hall County. We've got three in Clark County five one in Barrow. County seven in Gwinnett county forty nine in Fulton County Twenty eight in Cobb county to pull upholding county one in polk county to in Troup County three in Coweta county eight in Fayette County six Clayton County to in Henry County No more in Rockdale County. They moved that person. Three in Newton County one in Halston county one embiid county one in Peach County to in Lee County seven in Darty county five in Lowndes County in one in Charleston County. That's what we have and there are parts of Georgia that haven't been affected at all their parts of rule. Georgia that hasn't been affected at all and the governor's view on this in Georgia is that people should stop congregating. People should stop going to restaurants. People should stop going to bars. People should not go to movie theaters. People do not need to go to nursing homes and people do not need to go into churches have livestream church. You know so. I've been told that my church one of the things. They're thinking of doing if they can pull it off is Dr in Church now. How would that work? You know how you go through Christmas lights in places and you can tune to an FM channel and everybody here the music together. Everybody here the Christmas music together. What they're thinking of doing is getting everybody in the parking lot with their cars and doing an FM transmitter. So the preacher can be upfront and have the sermon and people could just be in their cars for the worship service. So you're still together. You still got community. But you're in your cars Minimizing your contact with with everybody else which I think is actually a pretty cool idea. Everybody's still going to church. You're still in the habit of going to church Put a bucket out Where people can throw so their money in Jackson for tithing. But you still have church. It's parking lot church. It's drive drive in movie theater church. I think that's an awesome idea. But the governor unlike descent is in Florida that only acted under pressure and otherwise hasn't done a lot or the governor of Ohio. Who has done a gone overboard? Some people think the governor Georgia is essentially urging people to do the right thing without demanding. They do it. And I've gotTa tell you I think it's the right. Approach a free people who were unwilling to do the right thing unless the government compels them will not for long be willing to do the right thing after government compels them a people who refuse to quarantine unless Ankle Sam or or or big government or Brian. Kemp says you've got a quarantine they're not gonNa do it for long and this is going to be based on what all the experts are. Thus far saying a longer term situation than a lot of people want so the governor having a having the approach of. Here's what you need to be doing. And going out there every day and telling them to do it and encouraging restaurants to close down in leading the mayors and county commissions of areas. Do what they need to do. I guess more in Clark County. They put in a voluntary curfew. They make it mandatory there a couple of other counties in Georgia. They're looking at mandatory curfews. There are counties Georgia there cities in Georgia where they are limiting restaurants The mayor of Atlanta is essentially closing restaurants to indoor service. A lot of restaurant owners are doing the right thing and shutting down. Some restaurant owners aren't doing but I just I I find it funny and I don't mean to pick on this person Look at this person. In George BASCO the executive director of rising dine in Emory village. Eatery that closed on Sunday. He's not showing a bit of leadership and he's passing the buck down the line. I'm appalled at the guy because there are literally hundreds of bars and restaurants. Open and staffers are telling me they're scared. They don't feel safe being there. This guy closed his business and he's mad that the governor won't close all the other businesses and he says that he's upset. Staffers are scared. So you know what I'm hearing from. The restaurant industry is that employees are mad that they're being put out of work and they're willing to take their chances because of the income And here's this guy. Exactly the opposite of what everyone else in the industry saying in part of me wonders what I assume. If he's Emrah village he probably didn't vote for the governor to begin with and to He's probably upset that that he's closed down at other wrestlers except in that area by and large everybody's closed down there to go service and he's not even doing to go service and I don't mean to pick him out of that but but it it's it's a rather selfish thing. I think for him to decide that every other business in the state needs to be shut down because he shut his business down and the governor should make everyone do it I think at some point government's got to know its place and I think the governor is doing the right thing by telling people. Here's what you need to do but I'm not yet going to crack my whip on you in and I'm going to see if you do it yourself. I don't want the governor to. I don't want him to have this power. And the governor himself does not want to use the power that he's been given he asked for the power in case he needs to use it and he doesn't want to use it. Real leadership is not using the power that you could use an instead asking people to do the right thing themselves. Real leadership is calling on the people to be their best selves instead of forcing them by government. Fiat to do what you want him to do. And that's what campus doing and I think it's the right thing to do. And it's a very difficult balance because if it spreads he's going to get attacked for not being a dictator but if it doesn't spread if we're able to contain it because people do the right thing then he's positioned himself perfectly but then there's the other thing here as well and I think this is where the governor is right and this is why I fall down on his side on this. There are people who say we're GONNA have to do this until July. I am one of the first people I know in talk. Radio who has said repeatedly since January. We gotta pay attention to this. It hadn't happened here yet but it might and then it happened here. This is going to be serious. We need to take action. Stopped downplaying it. I've been blown up in criticized by friends. I've been blown up in criticized by by people who support the president who thought it was overplaying it. I've been blown criticized by colleagues of Mine Talk Radio and here. We are. Everything I said is happening. We'll let me tell you this. There is not an American living under the age of sixty. I think who's GonNa be willing to lock themselves in their house until July. I don't believe people are gonNA go stir crazy. They're going to want to be back out in society. We are communal creatures by nature. We're going to start congregating again in a matter of weeks and that may cause the virus to spread again. I just I think we're GONNA have to go with the South Korean model now. What is the South Korean model? I think we're probably about to see a big shift in this country towards the South Korean model and a lot of public health experts are saying in lieu of people being unable to contain themselves. We need to do that and it wouldn't surprise me if the governor's GonNa hit in that direction. I think he's doing the right thing. I understand the I understand the media. I understand the sentiment from the press but I also understand. The governor's right people need to be willing to do the right thing without him demanding it but he will. He told me in my interview. He will if people don't do what they need to do. The phone number here is eight. Seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five. Havi in Athens go to you next. Welcome to the program. Hey Good morning. Eric I just had a two questions so why was the US? A Solo backed up in testing. And all that and I was just pondering on this past week or so and just thinking if our testing would have been on point like South Korea was I think we could have been ahead of the curve. Quarantine the right people just been ahead of the curve and so many things and I don't think we you know if we would have been ahead of intesting we could have been ahead on so many things where we wouldn't have to take the measures that we're taking now and so. I just wanted to know your thoughts on the whole listening and this is the president is getting beat up for this is not his fault an end. Dr Pfau chief has pointed out. It's it's not the president's fault here. This is the the the bureaucracy and it is not fair to beat up the president over the delay in testing the the CDC in the federal bureaucracy would not authorized private lab tests. The insisted that only they could do the tests in the initial tests that they developed Had A reagents in it that was flawed and didn't quite work and they had to Redo it and they were slow to roll out tests. It was only when the president got involved in the vice president got involved that they forced the federal bureaucracy to allow private labs to develop their own test and the FDA expedited those tests. This has nothing to do with the government or has nothing to do with. The president has everything to do with the bureaucracy of the federal government. Which is a reason why We should be careful in letting the government have even more control over our healthcare in this country. It's a real real problem. They screwed it up. The president gets the blame. Because he's the commander in chief but you know Barack Obama was president They would not blame him that the FDA the bureaucracy would have done the same thing but the media would not be blaming Obama in the way they're blaming trump now. What is South Korea doing? Because I think this is the model of the governor. I think wants to head to and that is Wholesaled nationwide testing or in this case wholesale statewide testing. Everybody gets a test. If you test negative you go about Your Business. You test positive. You have to be quarantined and get another test Later everybody in your household has to be quarantined with you And that's what South Korea has been doing. They're doing nationwide testing in South Korea. Everybody gets a test. You have to stay home A lot of people they tested only if they have symptoms but they get tested once they have symptoms and everyone they've come into contact with is is quarantined it has to be tested and the full weight of the government comes down on them to make sure their quarantine and that's what. South Korea doing and the result is south. Korea has gotten a handle on this fairly quickly. Now we are ramping up nationwide testing in the country and as we are ramping up nationwide testing. I suspect we're going to go to that model. The South Koreans are making people wear masks in public. And they're making people take tests and just like you have to take the census they're almost bigoted mandatory. You gotta take the test and if you take the test and it's clear you go about your business you take the test and it comes back positive for the virus Whether it's a false positive a real positive you go into quarantine for two weeks and then you can take the test again and if it's negative you come out but everybody your family's gotTa be quarantined with you if they live in the same house with you and what they're doing in South Korea is. You're not allowed lose your job. You're not allowed to have financial penalty in Your Life. while you're in quarantine to incentivize you to stay home and not feel obligated to go work It's not a bad solution..

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