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Org brought to you by the ad council the national highway traffic safety administration this is news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. Orlando turns first for breaking news twenty four hours a day the United States and South Korea are postponing a joint military air exercise that North Korea has criticized as provocative Seoul and Washington at scale back the exercise recently and changed the name but North Korea strongly objected calling it evidence of a lack of interest in improving relations Louisiana democratic governor John bel Edwards held onto his seat defeating GOP challenger any Rispoli Edward Saturday night you know I have never been more hopeful that Louisiana's best days are ahead because we've proven what we can do when we put people over politics president trump made three trips to the state to bolster his pony ahead of election day and this is the second GOP candidate the trump campaign for and lost more transcripts of closed door depositions of the impeachment inquiry released Saturday from two people with red hat first hand knowledge of the July twenty fifth phone call at the center of the inquiry Jennifer Williams who listened in on the call will testify publicly next week along with a former White House official this is ABC news right now when you come in and switch to T. mobile you get the amazing iPhone eleven pro on us iPhone tennis traded aren't these mountains majestic joke are you even looking I'm posting these amazing pics I took with my iPhone Levin pro it has three cameras whoa those picks are amazing and you have service to T. mobile their new single goes farther than ever before then you can look up whether these are bear tracks right where we could just run going to a team mobile store today iPhone unleavened pro on us with iPhone tennis trade in it right now get four lines for just thirty Bucks a line with auto switch.

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