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Down through the districts in class to I've got all kinds of favors over here. Covered up with stuff in district one in to a Oklahoma Christian moves to five zero and five and three overall with a thirty seven two twenty win over alva- last night album now three and two and six and two. And I believe I'll look toward the enforcer in there. We have a Craig Gilman soundbite report. I believe on that game Oklahoma Christian and alva- from last night. So we will hear from that. As soon as Jeff gives me the thumbs up that we're good in there. There we go. So let's your credit Gilman all that Oklahoma Christian alva- game last night. The algal bugs last night playing in Edmond against so coma and a huge to a district. One matchup alva- trying to keep their district championships hopes alive as they took on the saints last night. Saints got off to a great start with back to back touchdowns on their first two possessions. It was sixteen to nothing late first quarter. Then all of a sudden now the came right back. They were starting a freshman quarterback in cadence Slater Slater orchestrated back to back scoring drives. He threw a twelve yard touchdown pass to Gavin Perez. And then the second drive was capped off by Keeton Hensley six yard touchdown alva-. Got back to within sixteen fourteen. The two teams battled to a stalemate the rest of the opening half. It was sixteen fourteen. Go into halftime injury bug hit again for the gold bugs Alba already playing without Mitchell. Meyer and Reese Martin they lost their top tailback Dalton has at halftime with concussion like symptoms. Go bugs still battle the second half. Ultimately, the saints would go up thirty one to fourteen Alba would come back with an eighty one yard touchdown pass from Slater to Cameron, Gordon. Get back within thirty one to twenty. But that is as close as they would get the saints with tack on a late score. And when at thirty seven to twenty alva- drops to six and two and three two overall district as OCS moves to five hundred district play. Go bugs back at home next Friday, as they'll take on Oklahoma centennial for homecoming and also senior night here in Alba. That's an allegory bug football report from last night, four K O V radio. This is Chris Hillman for the own ends Friday night finals. All right. Thanks, craig. And with that loss and coupled with a Perry forty one to six win over Luther the Maroons now jump into second place their district one their foreign one six and two overall and thirty-three district points alva- now with nineteen points in the district. Chisholm moves up into fourth place. Chisholm now thirteen a district points there three and two Newkirk drops down to two and three and then Hennessy also two and three. Forty one eight win over centennial. But they're into the negative minus sixteen points in district. Two in class two a Jones rolling along a fifty five nothing went over Henrietta last night, the longhorns five hundred and seventy one seventy five district points there in first place. The second place team is maker with a fifty six twenty four went over Holden villa last night meager now four and one and seven one and forty points in the district. Kelly Bill with the forty one twenty two win over prey Kelly Ville jumps into third place in the district at three and two and six and two and fifteen a district points Khaimah a fifty two to thirty four went over Chandler. Oh, chemo also three and two and they are five and three overall. And then Chandler and Henrietta and Holden Ville round out the rest of that district at one and four one and four and Owen five in district three in class two a two teams at five and Sperry and beg Sperry.

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