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Guys don't you? Don show stay here till six now. Ibm? I didn't have to take my daughter home. If I didn't have what time does she get? She is at my home. If I gotta dress. To my daughter Leah. Yes. Yeah. Go how old is she? She'll be twenty one in January. She got a three five this semester. Graduate Vanderbilt's three five or he's going to school. You did something right now you remember? For your Christmas card. Tom your Christmas card came down the pipeline the other day, get it. We did get it. Thank you very much for sending it. I'll be darned. If Niko didn't take a look at it. And he just all the girls. You know, he went from oldest youngest nailed it or their names. You mean? No, no, no, no, no, just from from the way, they look. Okay. He went oldest youngest. Are you? Sure. Sure. Ended up a couple of them like on the menu. Tommy chang. Shakey goes. I'd love to be up there. Nope. You gotta stay here. Guys. Can't be kid twenty second time out. One of them is fifteen okay. Say no you got some of legal age three patrol. No. They're not taking correct. Well, thank you. That's what I'm saying. What are you? Are you offering goats your are you going to offer like a dowry third? I mean, why don't has to offer the dollar come with the Dow wild west offering. Lisa property up there. Owlry? For your call. Maybe the Mustang. Sure. Niko mary. Listen, I don't want coach Scott. On the corner. I want lamb lamb. I do like a shed that you can hang a horse. Yeah. Plow horse there. All kinds of deer hunt in my front yard,.

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