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And he was talking about how upset he was that softies were using fire fire FOX for work, basically. Because at the time explorer was in a bit of a state in as is my way, I had to get up there and ask a question. As is my way, I was perhaps a bit of noxious about it. But the point is I kind of brought up that it isn't quite fair to blame us the workers for for having to switch to fire FOX to get our jobs done. Because at the time we really did have to and later on that day in this goes, I should. I would say the the relevance here goes back to what Richard said about how everybody had the best intentions, right? There was a party that night. And I ran into some guys from the explorer team, and boy like I didn't expect that. And I hadn't thought about my voice in my attitude, and how cost a guy could be without meaning to but you you through the the the executive under the bus. Yeah. I really did. And and it was in front of a large group of people and just just no self awareness. It was like the office happening in a meeting setting. I was just totally idiot. But anyway, so when I was talking to the team. Like, I said, they were very polite. It was as though I had been at these human being and they talked to me about some of their decisions and why they had to make them. And that's when you start learning help lyrical a lot of it is or how or how if it isn't political? It's a catastrophe somewhere, and you've got to put a fire out like there's so much chaos. And and and yet you can see that happening Microsoft, of course, because Microsoft is obsessive about about backward. Compatibility where in the apple world we wake up and a new operating system is automatically installed itself over the old one like you did last week and looks more or less like the one we had last week and set it all your files or missing. What's a file remember when you head date on your machine that was a good day? That's the part that sucks. Right. Because I am one phone. I'm not updating because if I do a bunch of apps are going to stop working out. Yeah. So this is an example of like political versus catas-. Trophy in a way, I have way more freedom in on the Microsoft side of things, partly because I have to if I'm going to be able to get to something that I've worked on twenty years ago twenty five years ago, I'm gonna need access to the to the file format. The I'm gonna need to get in this amount. Of course, Microsoft, it's incredibly easy to do that because they have shifted forward with all the craft where apple leaves the Krupp behind. But sometimes often will always at the cost of the customer. Apple has always known better. What the customer wanted than the customer new. They're very good at yet it that. Yeah. Just, you know, the I think job said it best when he said don't hold it that way. Yeah. You're doing it wrong. Doing a wrong. Yet, it that is such a tech thing, you know, like to using up. He's a hardware pieces of software. The person who designed it is looking over your shoulder, and you can feel the tension because you you're moving the mouse cursor toward that one button. They know doesn't work you don't know it, and you can just feel they want to stop you grab you say no you need to click that other button. You know, Doug Ross would. That's what testing used to be, you know, before unit testing, you would just look over somebody's shoulder and in make them really nervous about the bugs. They know. They left in the code. Can I finish my lilting about Lua? Yeah. Yes, sir. Go back to Lua. Yeah. Let's go back to Lou because I wanna talk about why it's so great. If you go to the Lua homepage, which you can probably find through searching Lewis dot org. Yeah. Lewis dot org dot one the entire grammar..

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