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Around eleven points per game as a floor around six points but once every three or four weeks you're GonNa get thirty or twenty five you know so that state this one I anyone have a strong feeling on this one the gophers I'm Gonna I'm GonNa hit it I just because I think it's obvious on honestly I'm GonNa be surprised if you guys have any different crazy about the guy on I'm not like super crazy about him I how if these guys switch teams I would pick Brita Yemi like I like brindamour just as as the player we're he is changing a team's mind and they are giving him seventy one boy I on of the running back opportunity like he is part of it too though is with Sam darnold coming back I don't think he's going to be utilizing the passing game like he was a he only saw one target last week which is insane because he saw nine ten targets like maybe they give him the ball twenty five times down the stretch because that's what they wanna do that he's he's nothing special I mean he's he's got rushes this year than carry on does God from volume series it's frustrating getting because honestly if I didn't think San Francisco had the best offense of line in the NFL it would be really easy to even put Sony headed Brita here because the ages he gets you catch the ball a couple of times a game and they've been gone to a little more it's true it's true and you know if you find the end zone he can have those twenty point game which he he found the end zone against Washington last week and you know running and catching and I mean he's got three rushing touchdowns last year he's I haven't been terrible man he's I'm telling you right now they're too young one that were wrong we got this backwards Sony's number one is some people here thanks the problem with Sony though besides being a plotter is is that he's only getting forty seven percent of opportunity there like James Wyatt is going to continue to get opportunities going to get red zone touches he even gets goal-line touches occasionally rex burkhead right now as out that I don't think he's going to stay out when he comes back he will be another person taking away touches high-value touches what I'm taking from this episode guys we are arguing about running backs a lot and we're kind of cut and dry the wide receiver as we feel the receivers have nothing to debate and the the running backs are a source of contention it's true that has been interesting if that's anything I've learned from this self while being a part of it so we are debating running backs heavy and why was he was like yeah this guy that guy that guy and that's it interesting it's interesting let's move to the next topic though quarterbacks residencies in three names on here darnold cousins and Gov anybody feeling foggy if not I'll go for you know I I would say darnold the most exciting out of this group Darnold really well ten yards per attempt in week six you know like that's that's exciting golf to me is just another he's a very pedestrian quarter back you know he peeks out around a yards per attempt were darnold was around ten but he's also goth can give you those those big volume weeks where he throws ball sixty times and so that's what puts him ahead of cousins for me even though I think cousins is a good quarterback game script of him throwing the ball forty fifty times is never happening. Golf is your Willfuller of quarterbacks well no because I think we'll it was good at being a wide receiver production-wise scoring-wise fancy boys wise big yeah right right he can write exactly you're right there yeah I haven't rank darnold cousins off I don't hate that I mean I'm excited for the duration darnold fund man I'm excited that he's back I'm glad he's back because he's a fun one to watch and he gets things going there the other wire other quarterbacks you know with wet when we just consider weapons it's like yeah man like he's got everything he's got anything a quarterback had asked for out of the weapons I mean and he can do it too is yes I think he's a good quarterback Adam your silent over there man yeah I'm just waiting for you guys to be done being wrong because having Sam Darnold at the top this list is just more of this fantasy community talking up a player that hasn't ever had the production to warranty I don't I don't I don't WanNa fight this week for you want I kind of do what Kinda do we'll bring man everybody wants to shit on Jared Goff like the rams were off last week but the San Francisco is what no one expected San Francisco to be which is potentially the best team in the NFC from what I've seen so far which is flabbergasting when you look at what they have on offense between the tackles they're just they're so dominant offense and defense outside of that though jared goff is perfectly seventeen points S. four weeks like what are we talking about he he is the is what you want from Sam Darnold like a great game from Sam Darnold is what we saw last week and he put up twenty three fantasy points so ultimately jared goff is every week what we think Sam Darnold is on this great comeback week so I think that that gets thrown out right away one who has potentially the highest ceiling of the group on a weekly basis is kirk cousins I mean because of what he has in those wide receivers when they decide to throw the ball he has the potential to have huge games I think for me Darnold is last on this list like an honestly I don't even think it's that close and then it really becomes to me a question of from just play calling philosophy standpoint the vikings are going to allow kirk cousins to throw the ball because when they do with the exception of you know the game against Chicago every other game where he's been able to throw the ball he's been really productive for fantasy and you know he's sneaky as a rusher as well it already has one rushing touchdown of the season so he gives you that element as well honestly I think I'd probably lean golf slate really just because of the offense and just because of their willingness to throw the ball more which the vikings shoot at the beginning of this year that they might come the winner bunch shellback up and just start being this crazy twenty-five thirty Russia temp you know team hand in the ball off to jail and cook But for me you like I don't I don't think darnold is even in this question yet of these two guys I think these guys are like low top twelve to like top fifty team quarterbacks I think Donald stolen like the twenties for me he's there he's there last week he was Cuba nine is first week back yeah I mean what rookie year he gave you one gave you down the stretch to QB one games and it's a it's a one week sample against the Dallas Cowboys team that's falling off has shitty QB Rodney throws interceptions all the time he had a back through all of these still producing for fantasy I don't care what I'm watching on that he had twenty fantasy points on sixty eight tips I mean that is that is really hard to argue with I would put it cousins ahead of darnold especially if the vikings switch over here and go you know the last two games is cousins system the ball lot he's doing touchdowns he's been productive if they stay on that path then cousins is the easy one like I said he has the best weapons no question but when you when you consider that Mejia's bail on that sir run the ball ten attempts and Shit and you go you're worried and Donald throw the ball there's to me there's no question about that offense to throw the ball I it's just the way it is so I like how you can put cousins anywhere I wouldn't really argue with you but I think he's going to have to have a touchdown week to make it back up to QBC again like you to seventy eight yards get the fuck Outta here number one on this list your craziest Shit I have no idea what you think so they wanNA fight annecy quarterback past years hey guys guess what he's the best fantasy quarterback of this group so far this season on points per game basis and on a seasonal basis so I don't know why we're having this conversation except for that you guys WanNa talk up a guy who had one good week in his first week back which is great great for Donald but the idea that he continue to produce like that to me seems crazy goffin's Gig off adhere listen listen Adam transition again I'm a transition transition in nicely today jared Goff has the least fantasy points per game of these three what are we talking about my looking at the wrong thing here might be I might be I'm if you look at the quarterback with this shitty completion percentage shitty interceptions Shitty quarterback rate and now b gough the guy he's had a really rough seas and I'm not gonNA act like Yasim but at the same time hitting on my brandin cooks what is he doing Robert Woods had a run in a touchdown for God's sakes the other week because doing to these wide receivers having to run the ball run the ball this is horrible it's terrible all right anyway we're all over the place on those quarterbacks you guys figure it out cousins to me Darnold Goth is last I wanna cut this is nuts Hey we almost argued about quarterbacks running backs guys congratulations we all deserve an applause for that all right let's move over to the not so obvious flex lock of the week funny that you put Darnold last but your flex lock last week was his wide receiver because you knew what he can do you know you wanna play the other side today Last week I had Gus Edwards womp womp Wa Josh had Presser Williams Murray is don't want or the guy here who's talking so much shit today is probably because he jamison crowder last week for the missing crowder had a good week Adam congratulations you won your first flex lock of the week your first one thank thinks I'm just glad somebody the report by that one of US had a good action this week it's nice when at least one of us can do that I think Adam and actually one another week that it was a week where he said nobody win and I think that that is true there can be weeks no one it's even if one of us scores is there if the recommendation is someone that you had in your fantasy lineup you'd be like oh well that's disappointing for that player then yet it just got to be honest with yourself but you know since since I took down last week I'll throw it off this week with a I think a name that it's going to surprise you guys 'cause I don't know I think it's kind of a fun pick it it's a gigantic matchup play.

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