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His over this series is over. The wait is over ever. Saint Louis blues are the Stanley Cup champions, the first franchise history. Are you kidding me? Are you serious? They were last place in the NHL dead last bottom of the barrel, the gum on the bottom of the NHL shoe in January, January that was six months ago. But here are the Saint Louis blues for the second consecutive year becoming a franchise that wins its first ever Stanley Cup. Absolutely fantastic. Even if you are a Bruins fan, there's a lot to like about this story about this narrative. I know it's painful and from what I've heard there were a ton of tears inside the Bruins locker room. In fact, Brad Marchand called this an even more painful loss than in the Stanley Cup, final two thousand thirteen when the Bruins were upstaged by the Blackhawks in game. Six may remember that actually just a few months into our network being on the air. We were fledgling network. It's one of my favorite nights of the year. We get four of them in the major team sports here in the US. And so here we are crowning, another champion wished got one to go and then it's a really long wait until October. So the NBA finals at some point either Thursday night or Sunday night..

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