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Your family and friends to move to Ireland. Never come back. I'll move my favorite people to Ireland. Get them set up and then we'll all live in Ireland together. It'd be fun you call. I assume I don't know of Ireland's actually. I just know that Ireland has replaced Macci. Teach you as the. I've been outside of the country storytelling for young white women. Monte peaches off the table is starting summer in Ireland. It was stick. Excuse me I went to England Ireland. Thank you very much clearly. Not all white women. I feel like poor young white moving to Ireland the money go to London. We're just wondering where the next wave is going to be became much for a while. I would feel safer much feature from this nail as well. Sand all right so here. Go from Dana. The question is more. Would you suffer crippling fact-based anxiety for the rest of your life in exchange for ten million dollars no way crippling? It's a snail t. You never know where it's a snail it is a snail indeed wouldn't even. I wouldn't even if like you told me some more dangerous after me. If you were like a lion's after you for the rest of your life I'd still take ten million dollars for the assuming all the three of you have like he him pronouns. This very clear gender. Divide here. I'm sorry I think that's fair. I don't go the all the women that I know have anxiety about tiny things that catch them. This is your this is your test group. I mean perhaps women are just the the wise ones I. What about me? I said I would take on my snail all of yours. How does that? How do that Jeter by Sarah? Sarah Sarah Your your argument has been defeated. Because I forgot. Mandy is a dumb ass to accuse me great great great stories that your children and your children's children can tell when you're like telling your story of You know tripping around the world being chased down by snail and they'd like yet grim was kind of a bad ass who's always on the run from a murderer who was coming after ninety to be the bad ass granny. I am happy to make cookies for middle income grandchildren. Thank you also bred my sour dough. Starters Really Nice. Anybody needs any. Actually I actually do for you. Some lambesc all right next question. We are going to Some of these going to be silly summer thought provoking summer just questions. So we're GONNA drop this down to Anthony Anthony. You're going to kick us off on this one. If you could bring back one famous person being bring one famous person back from the dead. Who WOULD YOU PICK AX question? As I think this is important to clarify. Are they being brought back immediately at the time of death? Where do I get to choose at? What point in their life vague return? What do you think Dave? I think it's only fair that you get to pick. There's a lot of people that died in pretty advanced age new like. That's not nobody cares about that person anymore. Sorry nobody cares about that person as they are then in terms of pop culture. They're plainly probably still cares about okay so so if I could bring back anybody at any point and I say okay. I want like this era person food. I'M GONNA go with early Twenties Davinci. I know it's Cliche but I would love to see the the genius that he had. In Modern Times I would love to see young scrappy. Brilliant Davinci with Modern Technology. Because he was so so far ahead of everybody else in his time on pretty much every level and as a polymath. I try consider myself somewhat of a polymath He's like the God of polly maps and I would just love to see what he would come up with and how his brain would operate given all of the technology and so many things that he created back then that we now have like to the degree to have him turn around and say okay. This is what you've made based on my designs now GonNa take and build on top of that. Everybody's answers is going to be really crappy after that switch to a new question. That was really good. Listen to Cape on the couch and listen to wisdom like that all the time on the couch. I am not the smart one. That's my co host. I'm just eight years likes comics. Well on here you can be the smart ones so that's cool beaten Anthony on this. Anybody else got a famous person. They would want to bring back from the dead and who I just want to say. This is not. This is just completely backing on what we talked about earlier is. I would like to bring back. Kerr Cobaine my husband. Swears Courtney killed them. And I don't think so. She did not kill him now arranged. It is a bad us. Thank you because if we're if we're talking musicians which I think is a whole separate because I hide an answer. This question considering like musicians because I feel like the first thing I thought of. Who Do I pig prince or Bowie like for years? I have always said if I had a time machine one of the first things. I do. I'm very curious to see who's going to get this. I would go back and give Terry Kath Gun safety lessons. Yes the DAG gets that because Terry Kath Got Their brilliant. Didn't know how to Joe Terry cap average Qataris for Chicago. Okay on who famous last words. The guns not loaded. Yeah all right. There's one Ryan Guy Walt Disney Bring Back Wab Disney and show him what they've he was super racist her racist. Like of all K- that's okay okay. Why do you have to ask Dave if it's okay why it's because Davis Brown and Brown friend? I'm Brian on this. Joe Brown. Remove outcast Does this does this to be dead already. Can I just restore somebody to their prime? Yeah why would you want to restore your pride Dave? The Real Martha Stewart fucking party. Joker Mindless Stewart is in her prime. She is in her garage. Listen listen I'm just saying it. I don't know when when might have been her just like peak in terms of just listen. I get down with the students. What's Newt like? Is there a cooler? Now you WanNa talk about what's brings prime. Let's talk to store sneakers. I like old crazy. Uncle Snoop any other version. I like crazy new to me. I think we estany like he was on the problematic uncle. He says Shit Jalek. That's not okay. He does but you like us new. He doesn't get that grates. He doesn't because he acts like too much of a Dick. He's the angle where you're lying. Why is he go? He's so good he's such an idiot? You're not even drunk. Why are you like this hat? Dave to his prime. I've never had it with an old bad back since I was in seventh grade said much. You WanNa take me back to fourth grade when I walked Third Grade Jaffe champion and spelling bee champion. No actual person who I would bring back in their prime Along the same lines. I think I would get along with and really loved to party with Langston Hughes Okay so one obviously a great poet great lyricists feel like you bring back Langston.

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