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Indian school road it is drive through and for more information or to register you can go to terrace health dot org walk ins also are accepted KTA our eyes on the economy thanks he doesn't cars pulled up this morning to get food boxes at the new city of mesa food distribution site near Williams field and power roads let's get more on that with K. T. A. R.'s Griselda Tino live yeah Becky land the new food distribution site is on the campus of the house of refuge which offers transitional housing for families experiencing homelessness the group's Nancy Marion says although the surrounding area is relatively middle to higher income the need is still there when you're talking about climate and under employment that's affecting everybody and so some of our neighbors out here our experience in seeing the first time the group plans to give out food boxes every Thursday and Friday morning from seven to ten AM reporting live from Griselda Tino KTAR news an update to a story that we had earlier this week Glendale police now looking for two suspects in an attempted home invasion near fifty First Avenue and union hills drive Glendale police detective Scott Walker says the suspects try to go in through the garage door that was open he ran away from him and then he was yelling call the police help call the police that's exactly what you want to do is draw attention because as soon as you start doing that the suspects jump back in the car drive away one of the suspects was carrying a knife the two did flee the scene and police are asking for your help to identify the two who were seen in a white car one suspect is believed to be in his early twenties Hispanic or white if you have any information give police or silent witness we're starting out the afternoon with a couple of closures let's check them out with detour Dan valley Chevy dealers traffic center thank you regular and indeed we do let's get right to it first of all we have a police activity situation as love northern Avenue closed east and westbound between twenty Seventh Avenue and I seventeen until further notice no estimated time of reopening you can track down laugher Glendale US sixty eastbound before Arizona eight is at seventy three a crash report at mile marker three fifteen and also state route one seventy seven closed north and southbound near Barnett road it's actually due to a stalled vehicle is blocking that they had to close road because of it jammer Boulevard east of the water one price collusion and a couple others night here we got a spilled load state route eighty nine A. near Plano road and also crash southbound seventeen near bell road it's off to the right involving a big rig the traffic report brought to you by AJ's fine foods discover a seafood lover's paradise during AJ's seafood extravaganza through.

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