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Within the hour ahead running on all right so we do will on ono on web sam so the next morning we were showing a screen shot of data grade running on web sally holy crap so we don't have to get make new controls because we've already got him we've got him that's amazing so so on the other part of your question which is this of components that have been built for for some reason there's two ways to look at it there is the first one is those components do work already unless there you're relying specifically on summering france but most the day day it released what's skulls in the central so those components don't rely on some yeah assures they're usable as is i mean it's that's right because they're just sharp code they're not you i code there that's for the platform access exactly so there's no there's no specifics for this that that works wow all right mind being blown even more now there's enough side as well which is just taking wpa pi and just providing you're providing implementations from the outside so we are investigating investigating those parts which is basically we have all the wpa piazza's some parts of been implemented some of not been implemented info does it have not we're we're investigating see if we could just allow people just plug in their own implementation of parts of the udub gi in a plug a nice way are there bootstrap like libraries for styling in themes for you wp that you can take advantage of that would go all the way to these other platforms.

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