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Gonna be back in the mid fifties for highs Friday and Saturday. I'm k l I f W b a P. Meteorologist brand Mark 43 degrees in Fort Worth right now. 43 in Dallas and 43 in Devon. Kayla of news and information. Time is now 706. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson issued a plea to residents who caused delays at the city's vaccination site over the weekend. Johnson says many people showed up uninvited and others shared appointment times with people who did not yet qualified to get a shot. What you were doing inadvertently Is causing delays for everyone else who's supposed to be in line, So I want everyone out there and I say this with love to think about your neighbors. Johnson says the city will work to get in improve scheduling system. He says the only people showing up should be invited by the city based on the county's registration site. It will be the largest drive thru Cove in 19 vaccination clinic in the state of Texas and Texas Motor Speedway in Denton County. And our Clayton level is out there right now, as they're getting ready. The Wave the green flag and start the procession. Good morning. Clayton gave good morning. That's right. The sun just starting to come up over Texas Motor Speedway here and they thought is that this place is gonna live up to its name. Not only will it be the biggest Facility in Texas for drive throughs, But this is also expected to be the fastest I spoke with didn't county judge and the beads and he said that the estimated wait time is about 30 minutes. And that includes the 15 minutes that you have to wait after you get your shot administer to be observed. So this is Dr through only they're expecting to get out 10,000 shots per day. Get in county received just over 30,000 shots for this weekly shipment s. Oh, they're going to take a big chunk out of the just over 100,000 registrations that they have here with these 30,000 over the next few days. 10,000 per day quite a bit. We're already seeing people line up here seems to be a smooth operation just so far, but things were just getting started. They've suggested that those were getting their vaccine should be able to take a lap around the speedway. There just a second shot for the victory lap, But they are doing 1st and 2nd shots here, so Yeah, well, I expect that in a couple weeks, all right, we'll talk with you again a little bit. There's click Nevel. Out of Texas Motor Speedway for worse. 49th May Fest Festival has been canceled yet again this year due to Cove in 19. Elizabeth Basham, executive director at Trinity Collaborative Inc. Says this difficult decision was made with great care and deliberation. After numerous meetings with public health officials, she says at this time, a gathering as largest may fest negates the efforts to minimize the effects of covert 19. We will be doing a virtual may pass, so please keep a lookout on our Facebook page at May pass. FW, and so you'll be able to enjoy May fast in the comfort of your home plans are underway for a bigger festival next year for the 50th anniversary. Cat ones I, er K l I F News, Texas Governor Greg Abbott delivered the 2021 State of the state address last evening, he touched on a number of topics that will be considered emergency items. This legislative session. Election integrity is one of them. We must have trust and confidence in the outcome of our elections. That is why election integrity? Will be an emergency Adam this session. Other emergency items for the legislative session include the expansion of broadband access for everybody preventing cities from de funding police. And bail reform. And if you're wondering why those would be considered emergencies, it's simply because Texas law only requires the Legislature to deal with the creating new budget. That's all The governor can say, Wait, We have an emergency, so you must deal with that. And so that's why these air declared emergency items. All right, let's see what's happening on Wall Street. Now let's get a business update from now. Worth Radio Spence McGowan. Morning, Spencer. Good Morning, West Texas Intermediate crude A big technical break out last night 54 96 of Barrel up about a dollar 30. The Dow's up 232 points in pre market trading 30,300 0 all the reddit bandits moved from game Stop. It was down $100 yesterday down almost 100 pre market trading, setting a weekly low here and they went into silver. Well, silver ran over 30. Now it's back down under 28 down about 5% this morning. They don't have enough money to run. Silver. Oh, I'm supposed to Macau and President McGowan Group net worth radio dot com. President Biden has a fresh pen and I guess he's worked out his hand cramp because he's gonna be back too. Signing emergency or other executive orders today, including one involving the border and immigration, and we will get more on that from Rachel Sutherland in Washington. In just a few minutes. Right now. The K l I f News times, 7 11. Ah, year later, the.

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