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To night during the monday night football broadcast on espn immediately following the first official trailer for the film but reward last yet i director ryan johnson tweeted that if you want to see this movie with fresh eyes you should absolutely avoid it perhaps hitting it some sort of big reveal star wars last yet i opens in theaters on december fifteen i'm tj cutini any word from scotland has it certain business ventures by president donald trump's company of the uk are deep in the red of financial report filed with the british government shows trump lost millions for a third consecutive year as much as one hundred seventy eight and a half billion the study also indicates revenue for his company have also fell sharply thousands of proud spaniards took to the streets of barcelona to express opposition to catalonian independence cbs's seth dolan among those in the crowd those who opposed last month's vote found new voice chanting espagna hundreds of thousands poured onto spain's streets calling for unity many of the people in this crowd here are telling us that their way think were not heard during that october first rebel random these people are marching here in barcelona in favor of abalone remaining part of underground grand russia's finals were cut the long awfully flung editorial vacuous hymns are in place of northern california wind whipped fires there are threatening rural neighborhoods north of san francisco are officials say multiple fires broke out last night it both napa and sonoma counties ellie a ramos's chair of the napa county board of supervisory as the entire community any founder evacuation where well over 100 that people that we are evacuating at we have now four fire two the life faith concern that we are responding killed cal fire says one of those fire spans more than two hundred acres wind gusts of the region of reach sixty miles and allergies 103 sixty nine massachusetts police officers head to puerto rico mary play to assist with security and curfews on the hurricane stick an island ron francis member of woman gesture car and ran following a crash in brockton admits she used drugs and was on her way to meter dealer the news watch never stops wbz news radio 1030 wbz news time 653 traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on.

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